How To Check Your Polling Station Online Or Via Mobile Even Without Internet

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It is super important to note that in the upcoming general and presidential elections  voting is very specific to respective polling stations. In the past, you could go to any polling station within your constituency but this year your registration is specific to a particular polling station. Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has recruited the services of technology so that prospective voters can quickly confirm where they will vote.

How do I check the polling station?

  • Then hit enter, and you see for yourself if you are registered
  • The following info should display

If any of the information displayed is incorrect, you need to visit the ZEC offices immediately.

Sometimes you won’t be able to check your details because the website will be down. Perhaps because of too much traffic.

What if you don’t have internet?

You can also check the accuracy of your BVR by dialing *265# on Econet, Netone, and Telecel mobile phones. Ypu will be prompted for your National ID number which should be entered in the format they give as example inclding the ‘-‘ characters. After that you will be prompted to enter your year of birth.

You will get a confirmation message that gives your registration details. The confirmation message will include your polling station

 Your registration slip should have this info

When you registered to vote you were given a little slip that has all the details here. It’s a good idea to take this with you to the polling station on Monday just in case you need to prove that you registered and were assigned that polling station. If you lost it, don’t worry, your ID will be enough.

Just remember that this time around, the voter’s roll is polling station specific. Therefore, if for any reason you are told you have coming to the wrong polling station, quickly go to the correct one, There’s no point arguing.


  1. Salim Zulu

    ZEC must also make Elections Electronic to save time since we are having 125 Presidential Candidates.

  2. Shorai

    Why is there a port number in their URL?

    Site seems to be down when i tried to follow the link…This would actually be a good service if it was done in real time. I.e as people register your details become available.

    1. Garikai Dzoma

      Might be a firewall blocking your access to this port. Apps normally run on weird ports but usually there is a proxy in front which someone clearly omitted or forgot to do in this case. Anything other than 80 and 443 pretty much precludes universal access.

  3. Fusion

    Links not working for me but 265 is working and I registered well before April…. Use lower case letter for your id

    1. Anonymous

      Remove everything after zw and u will be able to access the page

  4. Van Lee Chigwada

    Both links don’t work.
    I wanted to do this, but had problems getting the voters roll.

    ZEC had last said you could buy it but now ZEC employees have zero info on this.

  5. Rational Dev

    SSL certificates are cheap. I wonder what other security f’ups they have.

  6. X_user
  7. sg

    no ssl certificate


    There are citizens who are going to officiate in the voting process ie teachers and police officers ,are they going to vote given a scenerio that they happen to be deployed away from their polling centres .ls it possible to transfere after 29 May ,last day of inspection?

  9. Shamie

    For me *265# failed bt e link was successfl so it still means im registered or need to make sure that *265# gives my informtn too??

  10. shava

    ZEC do not have good IT people HOW CAN THERE USE XAMPP

  11. Sean Brendan Garrette

    The website is not working

  12. Willard

    The link is not accessible it was goin to be helpful but unfortunate we cant access it