Having A Bad Day? Econet Users Can Now Subscribe To Receive Daily Jokes With Its New Comedy Box Service

Alvine Chaparadza Avatar
Econet Logo at their HQ, tethering hotspot

Econet users can now receive jokes or comedy instantly by dialing *909#. You can subscribe for as little as 30cents per day to receive the jokes. Econet reached out to us with this message:

Another First from Econet! Introducing comedy box, dial *909# to receive comedy or jokes from your favourite local comedian from as little as 30c per day.

That means that over 10 million subscribers are now able to spend their day in stitches. What do you think of this latest service from Econet?


  1. Garikai Dzoma

    Will someone kill SMS pliz. Econet use it to foist crappy ideas on our helpless souls.

  2. Charles

    What a total waste of time. There are already a million whatsapp groups that do the same thing for FREE!

  3. Fusion

    Lost for words

  4. funny paper

    Rather spend $1 a week buying and reading a copy of the herald, or better still read herald online everyday for free, it will make you laugh till you cry !! Its full of jokes !!

    1. mhofu

      kwaaaaaks u made my day!!

  5. Disappointed

    Disappointed techzim thinks this deserves a spot in their line of articles as news on “Technology”….. Waste of time indeed.