Facebook Is Now Teaching Youths How Their Data Is Used

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar

The term youths always carries a bit of confusion with it. Sometimes someone as old as 35 is included youth groupings whilst other times its only used to reference people under 30. Facebook has introduced a new service and this targets youths again, but only those between 13-19 this time around.

What’s Facebook working on

Facebook’s Youth Portal is meant to teach kids the following things:

  • How to navigate Facebook
  • How to stay secure on Facebook
  • To understand how their data is used

Apparently, Facebook began showing tips to teens in their Newsfeed around the beginning of May. I had never stumbled upon this on the timeline (not a teen) and it’s interesting to see what they are doing in the wake of the Cambridge-Analytica Scandal. The scandal got people talking a lot more about the extremely pervasive data policies that online services have and there have been multiple responses from Facebook to make things right.

Teens can relate to this…

The Youth Portal also organizes all the information related to Facebook’s data policy in ways that younger users can understand. If you have reviewed the privacy policy statements you probably know that the language in these is probably very intimidating even to adults so just imagine a 13-year-old trying to make sense of that ‘stuff.’

Creating a better internet

If you have any kids/siblings who are in this age bracket you may want to go through this with them as the responsibility to create a better internet lies with us as well.

The portal is an information page that younger guys/girls can just check and is probably a part of Facebook efforts to reposition their brand and gain the trust of users and regulators who are looking at ways of regulating the social network.