Check Out The New Gmail For Desktop: Some New Features As Well

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Google Mail –more popularly known as Gmail- is testing out a new desktop redesign. The fresh coat of paint isn’t the only new addition and there is some new stuff of functionality.

How do I activate the new Gmail?

So the new Gmail is not available automatically. If you hadn’t already activated the new interface you can do so manually by looking for the settings icon (the circular bolt) towards the top right of your Gmail inbox. Clicking on this icon will drop down a menu and users can click on the ‘Try the new Gmail’ button. Your page will reload and will offer you three layouts to choose and you can select whichever you prefer. Simple as that…

You can check out the images below if you are not sure how to switch to the new redesign:

The new interface

The new interface has the same Material Design language that Google has been using throughout their other apps and the more recent Android software. It’s much more colourful and a bit less boring when compared to the old Gmail design.

So it’s just about design?

It’s not just design that has changed, as Google has added useful tools and some handy tweaks to make using Gmail better.

Snooze emails

You can snooze emails and Gmail will remind you of the emails at a later time when you are better placed to respond. That’s a great feature as emails don’t stop coming through because you’re busy. At least now you can make sure you get a reminder.

Once you hover over an email this options pop

There’s also a sidebar that has added functionality. This sidebar can be linked to a user’s Google Calendar, Google Keep -Google’s notes app-, Google Tasks. This means that if you add an event to your Google Calendar.

The rare days that have no events at ALL

This also gives you a quick way to add notes to your Google Keep and Google Tasks without having to pick up your phone and focus on other things (which happens a lot).

Other features on the way

There is one feature on the way: a Confidential Mode that is meant to enhance privacy. This will offer ways to require passwords or two-factor authentication for recipients to open emails, and it can set expiration dates for those emails.

Welcome changes

The new redesign adds equal parts of functionality and a redesign. Anything that makes ‘electronic mail’ less boring is welcome in my book!


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