ZITF Has An App Detailing All The Exhibitors and Sessions For 2018’s Trade Fair: Quite Useful

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The Zimbabwe International Trade Fair will be held from the 24th to the 28th of this month in Bulawayo. In line with this event, ZITF has made an app that will help people attending the event navigate their way around the stands and also know when which sessions will be held.

The load times are frustratingly slow but once the loading screens are out of your way and you are ready to roll the app proves itself to be a must-have if you are attending the ZITF. Here are some cool features that will come with the app.

Upcoming sessions

The app has an ‘Upcoming Sessions’ menu. This menu contains a programme of sorts and has speeches and events that will be taking place during the trade fair. Some examples of these events include;

  • Welcome Remarks
  • Key Note Address and Official Opening
  • Innovative Solutions To Liquidity Challenges

These are some of the addresses that will be held and once you are using the app you can add the sessions that interest you to your schedule and keep track of those.


The app has a list of all the exhibitors or at least what appears to be all the exhibitors. The exhibitors are listed alphabetically and they it seems they are over 100 exhibitors listed (which is why I think that’s all of them). Anyway, if you click on any of the exhibitors you’ll be presented with details such as the name of the stand where the exhibitor will be at the fair. There are also contact details, website links and an employee you can contact.

Lastly, users can also add exhibitors of interest and these will be grouped on their own under a ‘My Exhibitors’ menu. Based on the exhibitors you add to this list, the app can also suggest similar exhibitors and what this means is if you are going to ZITF and looking to cover a specific type of exhibitors then this app will help you discover exhibitors of this vein who you may have not actually heard of or just accidentally skipped since the list is so lengthy.


The app also has a list of attendees and you can get their contact details and reach out to them in order to facilitate easier networking once the event has commenced.


Overall, the app is very useful and will help users. It will only be useful for a single week but if you are going to the event this is a must-have app if navigating the floors and finding your way around stands as easily as possible is important to you!

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