Parents, You Can Get All Your Money Back If You Pay School Fees Using NetOne’s OneMoney!

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Well, it seems Netone’s OneMoney team are not resting on their laurels. The mobile money service has just introduced the Fees for less Promotion in anticipation of the upcoming school term.

What is this promotion about?

With the school term just around the corner (8 May), NetOne is offering a great deal to parents who pay fees using OneMoney. The first 100 parents who pay school fees using OneMoney will be getting 100% of that fees back. That means if you are among this first 100, NetOne is essentially paying your child’s/dependant’s fees for you. I suspect this one will be a big deal considering the economic hardships being faced in our country.

500 reasons why schools should sign up!

NetOne probably thought hard and clear and realised that there is no point in encouraging parents/guardians to pay via OneMoney if the schools don’t accept the payment. Most schools are registered with EcoCash but NetOne is trying to ensure that schools also have a OneMoney account as they are promising $500 to the first 50 schools who register. This will probably see way more than 50 schools sign up as the incentive is doubled for schools who will get 500 if they make this 50 whilst also increasing chances of getting fees earlier if parents pay using OneMoney.

There are other prizes to be won as well…

During the promotion, those who pay school fees using OneMoney also stand a chance to win fortnightly vouchers worth $100 dollars. This means more than a 100 parents/guardians stand to benefit.

On the school’s side, they could win a computer lab, generators and one-fi devices so there’s a lot at stake here and both schools and parents/guardians are being given reasons why they should sign up.

How long will this promotion go on?

The Fees for less Promo will be running from the 22nd of April(today) until the 30th of May. It might be advisable to pay as early as possible as a lot of people will be trying to get in that esteemed 100 as early as possible.

OneMoney isn’t going down without a fight!

We recently talked about what NetOne and Telecel need to do in order to make sure they catch up or at least offer decent competition to EcoCash. In that article, an example was given of how NetOne and Telecel could give registration incentive as little as a single dollar and that would pull a few people to their mobile money service. With Fees for less NetOne is giving mobile money users way more than that so they will probably get a lot more people to buy in.

NetOne is essentially saying we can offer more than OneFusion

This move targets so many people as well. NetOne probably realised they have subscribers who are already on the network but are only there for OneFusion. Now, because of this promotion, these subscribers will go the extra step and sign up for OneMoney. I mean, if you already have the line you don’t have to go through a process as long as those subscribing to NetOne for the first time, so there’s no reason not to.

Considering the possibilities at hand even those subscribing for the first time have a really good reason to do so. I mean the possibility of getting the entire school fees you pay given back to you is obviously worth putting up with a few queues.

NetOne also understands that the goodwill they will garner from this move is going to be great.

When parents get to talking about howNetOne fully paid them what they had paid for fees, they will not focus on the fact that it was 100 parents who benefitted, but on the fact that NetOne PAID! The amount of goodwill they will get from this will be huge and probably more people will join the service, which is a step in the right direction.


  1. Anon

    Will paying using their swipe card or Zipit apply to this promo.

  2. $$$

    Probably not because then you don’t have to be a one money agent