Liquid Telecom Partners Kenya’s Serianu To Improve Africa’s Cybersecurity

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Cybersecurity issues will remain a menace in the coming days as organizations across the globe try to improve safe practices in a bid to eliminate or reduce chances of falling victims of computer attacks.

In line with attempts to mitigate cybersecurity concerns, Internet access provider, Liquid Telecom has furthered its geographical presence through a strategic partnership with African cybersecurity specialist firm, Serianu.

The collaboration brings together Liquid Telecom’s fiber network, data centers, and cloud-based offerings with Serianu’s business-oriented security monitoring and analytics solutions to offer end-to-end protection for businesses of all sizes.

Commenting on the partnership, Ben Roberts, Chief Technology Information Officer at Liquid Telecom said:

While digital transformation presents a vast opportunity for businesses today in Africa, the risk of cybercrime has never been greater. Through this partnership with Serianu, Liquid Telecom is not only ensuring that customers using our network and data centers facilities have access to the very latest cybersecurity solutions, but that we are also raising the overall level of cybersecurity standards and practices across the region.

Together, the firms will work with clients across the banking and finance sector, along with clients in a number of others sectors, such as healthcare, manufacturing, and hospitality. Their services will include the establishment of monitoring and response systems — leveraging Liquid Telecom’s data centers and network fiber, as well as Serianu’s cybersecurity and consulting capabilities.

What the partnership means for Liquid Telecom customers

The arrangement means that customers in Zimbabwe and the rest of Africa who use Liquid Telecom’s network and data center facilities will now have advanced monitoring and incident response services via security operations center in Kenya.

Also, the same customers will have access to Serianu’s Arica Cyber Immersion Centre in Nairobi. The facility which focuses on research, innovation and offering training facilities for businesses to simulate their cybersecurity solutions. Therefore, companies can leverage Seranu’s facilities to test their systems.


  1. guzu

    apinda mumari munhu uyu, yegore rese!!!!… Econet should take notes, with this transformation Econet might not be around in 10 years if they continue with their childish behaviour…Well done Liquid

    1. Wall Greens

      What do you mean? Liquid Telecom is part of Econet ZW LOL 🙂

      1. Guzu

        I know that very well. But they operate differently. Econet is not forth coming when it comes to assist startups and other companies. The culture is totally different

  2. Gift Horse Mouth Looker

    Incident response via a SOC in Kenya? Anyone who’s done incident response before knows having your SOC outside your own borders is a recipe for disaster…

  3. Jonasi

    Incident response SOC outside your own borders? Bad bad bad idea guys. If you’ve done incident response before you’ll know how frustrating coordinating efforts with a foreign team is.