Kwese, Where Are The 23 Channels You Promised Us By March?

Alvine Chaparadza Avatar

Do you remember an article we wrote about Kwese promising you 23 more channels by March this year? Since then customers waited with bated breath. Kwese said that its bouquet would, as a result, start to offer 100 channels in totality adding on its current 77 channels.

We have an amazing line up of new channels on their way. Some of the channels are our own
innovations and they take time to complete, but we are almost there now.

Well, we are disappointed to let you know that Kwese has not lived up to its word as they haven’t introduced the 23 channels. March has passed and April is approaching its end but still nothing has come.

Kwese’s announcement was accompanied by so much enthusiasm such that soccer fanatics had speculated that the new batch of channels would include soccer channels. So this latest failure to deliver on this promise will put a dent in its reputation

Last month Kwese mistakenly sent us a press release in which it said it is taking off 6 channels on its current bouquet. They of course clarified the position and did not take down the six channels. However, this was unrelated to the promise of 23 channels that had been made earlier.

Could it be a delay?

We select each channel very carefully because we don’t want poor quality channels on our platform.
Once a channel is selected it can take up to a year to conclude negotiations with the other party,” said
the spokesman.

Regarding this comment, Kwese was probably presumptuous in making this announcement because adding a new channel takes protracted negotiations which can take an unpredictable amount of time.

Or Kwese lied to us?

We reached out to Kwese and they are yet to comment.



  1. Ranga

    Ndama shaya wo ini. To be honest they lied

  2. S. Sigs

    It appears Kwese has failed to live up to its word. Currently there at channels which are not showing, and have a continuous massage of undergoing an upgrade.What is happening Kwese?

  3. Anonymous

    It has taken DSTV many years to master their Brand. Kwese has a lot of fine tuning to do and I presume they have come up with many challenges.