Aspiring Film-makers To Get Low Cost Solutions At Smartphone Short Film Competition!

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar

The Zimbabwe International Film And Festival Trust (ZIFFT) has partnered with Alliance Francaise Zimbabwe to launch the Smartphone Short Film Competition.

The theme of the competition is “Being Zimbabwean.” The competition is aimed at helping the youths(16 to 34) of Zimbabwe to free their inner voice.

ZIFFT says the competition also aims to encourage:

  • creativity by exposing the youth to film so that they experiment and discover new ways of thinking.
  • Collaboration by bringing together the minds/thoughts/motivations of youths from diverse social and economic backgrounds to create shared outcomes.
  • Celebrating identity and cultural diversity, to promote tolerance and understanding in these challenging times.

ZIFFT also hopes that the competition will help inspire Zimbabweans to tell their stories whilst promoting film-making as a profession.

Don’t underestimate the quality of films that can be produced on smartphones

We are in 2018 and over the past few years, smartphone cameras have improved by leaps and bounds. If you are one of those people who doubt how good smartphone videography is: World famous singer, John Legend shot the video for his song A Good Night on a Google Pixel 2. Yes, the entire video was shot on a smartphone!

High-quality content but low-cost solutions… I’m hyped!

One of the biggest hindrances we face when it comes to getting into practices such as photography and videography is the lack of resources.

People who are passionate about these fields believe that the amount one needs to invest in order to get adequate equipment makes it prohibitive. If all you need is a smartphone to learn about film-making then an ideal opportunity is presented for creatives and aspiring creatives to discover ways of delivering low-cost but high-quality content.


The official launch of the Smartphone Short Film Competition is on Thursday 12 April (tomorrow) and we will be reporting on more details from the competition.