[VIDEO] Casually Fooling Around With A Robot At Steward Bank

Edwin Chabuka Avatar

So we got invited by Steward Bank to meet their software development team and check out one or two things they were working on. As a commercial break we got some entertainment from their Robot Alpha 1. Might eventually be a compact and mobile home for Batsi (their recently announced software bot)


  1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    They should take a break from playing with robots and fix their system integration issues. It’s nice to have a relaxed friendly work environment, but one must do their job too.

  2. Allaz

    Saka ndiko kunoenda $4 yandiri kutorerwa every month even when I don’t transact. MXXXM

  3. Mutumwa

    Zvekupenga izvo, zvinotibatsirei isu sema clients? Nemiwo veTechZim munazvowo futi nxaaaa! useless news