Take Advantage Of These Select Deals From TomTop’s Flash Sale [Updated]

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So you all remember how I have declared a war on my now quickly disappearing pot-belly. The goal is to have it replaced by pure muscle in the next three months and I think I have been hitting the right strides. One way to make sure that you meet your exercise goals and do not slack off is through the help of a smart device like a smartwatch or smart band.

Are these devices useful

Anyone who has watched any number of Hollywood productions has seen how addiction groups make the use of sponsors. Let’s say you are an alcoholic and you join Alcoholic Anonymous (AA), you are paired with a sponsor. Whenever you feel like backsliding and having a drink you can call/meet the sponsor and they can help nudge you back onto the wagon.

Devices like smart watches and smart bands do far more than the quartz watches of yester years. You can set goals on them and whenever it’s time for your exercises they can vibrate or issue some sort of alert to remind you. You can glance at notifications from say WhatsApp without taking your phone of the pocket and potentially save time. They monitor your heart rate and sleep patterns making sure you are living and healthy life.

Here are some smart watches and devices from Tomtop

Tomtop is holding a Flash sale that includes the following especially tempting deals that involve smartwatches and smartbands:

LEMFO LES 1 3G Smartwatch

LEMFO LES 1 3G Smartwatch Phone ROM 16G + RAM 1G

Image for YouTube video with title LEMFO LES 1 3G Smartwatch Phone ROM 16G + RAM 1G viewable on the following URL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyHvft5Q0_s

This watch is currently on sale for $114 plus $7 shipping to Zimbabwe. This is more than just a smart watch as it comes with 1GB of RAM,16GB ROM, a 2.0MP Camera, Voice Assistant, Wifi, Heart Rate Monitor, Pedometer, Calorie, Alarm, Music, Browser, Notification, Anti-lost, Weather, Remote Control Music & Picture. The Amoled display makes sure you can still easily view the watch’s display even in bright sunlight.

S908 GPS IP68 Waterproof Smart Band

Water resistant smartband

The S908 is currently on sale for $49.99 plus $4.40 shipping. Use the Promo Code S908 to get the discountThis is an ideal smart-band for sports fanatics. It comes with the usual heart monitor, notification support for calls and WhatsApp, support for iOS and Android, sports statistics and an IP68 rating. The later means you can go swimming or running in the rain without fear of the band getting damaged.

MY3 Colorful Touch Screen Smart Bracelet

We all, except the very lucky few, live on very tight budgets where every cent spared is welcome. If you are like me then all you want is a cheap smart band that comes with decent specs and does the job without costing a fortune. The MY3 is such a device. It is currently selling for $14 plus $3 shipping to Zimbabwe. At this price you get a device that is (reasonably) water proof, has a heart tracker, comes with sleep monitoring functionality and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Import Duty

It is important to note that smart watches and smart bands are sometimes classified differently by ZIMRA. Smart watches are deemed to be watches while smartbands are classified as monitoring devices. Smart watches are classified under heading 91 and attract duty of 20% plus the usual VAT of 15%. Meanwhile smartbands might be classified as medical instruments which attract a lower amount of duty. Just be prudent and assume you will pay the higher duty when making your decision.

Making payments

By now I think most people know the drill: If you want to buy online you need a Visa/MasterCard to that can make international payments. In Zimbabwe that means getting an FBC prepaid MasterCard or the Steward Visa Card. Either of which have to be prefunded using real forex.




  1. Tony

    $3 OFF JC-188 1800mAh Bluetooth Speaker,free shipping $26.99(Code:TTJCS) https://goo.gl/yQaMjp

  2. Llodza

    Hi Gari,
    Are these not the Chinese clones whose other apps won’t function except for the phone, watch, calendar and alarm only?

  3. Nice

    They work…I got a mi band 2 and a clone mcgool 3

    ..they all work