Potraz Finally Finishes Drafting Mobile Virtual Network Operators Rule Book

Alvine Chaparadza Avatar
POTRAZ, Telecoms in Zimbabwe

The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) has just completed crafting a draft rule book for Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs). An MVNO is a mobile telecoms company that uses the hard infrastructure of Mobile Network Operators, like Econet and Telecel to provide mobile phone network services to customers.

The idea behind MVNOs is to fully utilize the infrastructure set up by MNOs through procuring bulk access to network services from MNOs at wholesale rates and then sets retail prices independently and sell the services under its own banner.

Potraz director general, Gift Machengete said that it is waiting for the regulatory framework to be reviewed by Government before it is drafted into being a statutory regulation. He went on stating that many local investors were enquiring about the progress being made about the rules so that they know the telecoms playground before they commit their money.

At the moment, VIVA Mobile is the only MVNO company that is publicly known to have been at the forefront of  getting into this sector. But VIVA Mobile seem not to be operational any longer as its website is no longer functional.

Potraz has made great strides to draft the rules so that new entrants will quickly increase the level of competition hence providing consumers with a wider choice of service providers and more competitive pricing plans.


  1. Tapiwa K

    What are the current bottlenecks for Mobile Operators?

    RF, antenna capacity?
    Processing of voice and data traffic within the mobile operator’s core mobile network?
    Backbone capacity to the Internet?

    1. Dzidzai Chidumba

      Operators like Telecel have tons of capacity lying idle as they have lost a sizeable number of active subscribers, it would make economic sense for such operators to open up their network to new players in order for them to compete with Econet and Netone.

  2. Dzidzai Chidumba

    Hi Techzim, Viva Mobile is in operation, and as you know we cannot do anything until the laws are aligned, so we wait patiently and positively at the new developments. You can reach me on my email chidumbad(at)gmail.com