Liquid Releases Report On The New Emerging Digital Generation: Here’s What I Found Interesting

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Liquid Telecoms has released a report that details how the emerging generation in Africa will impact society going forward. The generation born from 1995 to early noughties is usually termed Generation Z and this is the generation Liquid’s report focuses on.

The document is particularly interesting because the report highlights some key differences between the emerging generation and the current innovators (millennials). Some these differences are:

  • The emerging generation is more open to working collectively. There is no harbouring of ideas in order to get rich by yourself. The new generation understands that collective units can achieve more than an individual.
  • The report also indicated that the emerging generation is also creating solutions that are more humanitarian than capitalist. Liquid said the search for profit is now less of a priority to this generation than actually providing solutions that impact the world
  • The exposure to digital devices at an earlier age also means that the emerging generation is less intimidated by technology than existing generations. The fact that a child in some parts of Harare now grows up in a community where the internet and smartphone are a normalcy means they can adopt technology with fewer problems than previous generations

The report is largely interesting and we will be publishing some of the Liquid written articles that are accompanying it as the day progresses. You can take a look at it in its entirety by following the link below…

Liquid TL Gen Z Final SPREADS


  1. Farai Gamira

    liquid is still expensive

    1. sg

      hauna cash

    2. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

      The report isn’t about how affordable Liquid is.

  2. Nice

    Zimbabweans not for profit… Shocking really shocking…

  3. elo

    shocking indeed..Zimbos are the most selfish individuals around and this explains why we this nation is down.MuZimbo haacheuki kwaakabva and cannot develop without enriching oneself.