Health Fanatic To Health Fanatic, Here Are 4 Awesome Smartbands Under $15 On Gearbest

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I recently declared war on my pot-belly. In addition to sticking to smaller portions and a more healthy diet I have started to take up my exercising seriously. Everyday I have to make sure I burn more calories than I am eating. The problem though is that while my smartphone is a decent device it lacks certain features that are needed to aid my exercises routines.

Smartbands and Ecocash Offer

I have decided to purchase a smart wristband to measure my pacing, running, heart-rate and distance covered. Ideally it has to be reasonably waterproof . I have a modest budget of $15 and as always I ended up on Gearbest.

Below I have shared a shortlist of the four devices I have settled upon as this is an opportunity for you to get a taste of online shopping. I understand getting hold of a Visa/MasterCard or USD might be hard so if you want to purchase one of these using Ecocash see the last paragraph  for details.

The prospect of giving money to a stranger 10 000Km away without instantly receiving what you are paying for is scary the first time you do it. I remember the first time I actually bought a physical good online. It was a $100 dollar tablet.

That was, still is, a lot of money to me. While I had done my due diligence and even helped my friends who had successfully received their goods I still proceeded with trepidation. Finally I made the purchase and I can assure you with time you get better at it and the fear and apprehension retreat to the nether regions of your mind.

It’s best to get started small

The best way to get started is to start small. By small I mean buying items $30 and under. The trouble however, with buying low value items is that most items you need are already available here in Zimbabwe. It makes little sense for you to buy a $2 charger online when you can hop in a Kombi and get it downtown for say $4.

The  best low price items to buy  are:

  • Unique items that you want/need but are not widely available in Zimbabwe
  • Brands that are not available/popular in Zimbabwe for some reason
  • Tech gadgets/items buying clothing etc online is never a good idea. What if the glove does not fit? What are you going to do? Return it to Shengzhen?
  • Highly rated items with good reviews, do your due diligence before buying

My curated list of smartbands

I have been ranting but here is my list of four smartbands click on the link below each picture to see detailed specs on Gearbest:

1. ID115 Bluetooth Smart Wristband – BLACK
Smart Wrist-Band

$14 on Gearbest

2 W810 Smartband Fitness Tracker Android iOS Compatible

$15 on Gearbest

3 Y2 Plus Smart Bluetooth Wristband

$14 on Gearbest

4  Waterproof C3 Smart Bracelet with Sleep Monitor

C3 Tracker

$12 on Gearbest

Do I need a smartband?

People have lived and thrived without smartbands and you certainly don’t need one. You will want one if you are a health conscious individual. They will help you keep track of your heartbeat, the paces you have walked, the distance you have covered, your sleep patterns etc.

Ecocash payment offer

Because I want you all to live a long and healthy life. If you want help buying one of these bracelets using Ecocash you can always get in touch with me on my email garikaib at gmail dot com.

[Update Duty Calculations]

Smartbands are classified under ZIMRA code 9031.8000 and ought to attract duty of 5% plus VAT of 15%. For the above items you can expect duty of around $5-$7 (not including ZIMPOST’s handling fee which is $10 at most).



  1. Fungai

    So how can l buy using ecocash and are there any other charges. Can you share with us , how to reduce belly fat

    1. Garikai Dzoma

      You are asking for the coordinates of a moving target.

  2. Geekbyo

    Good article,l bought mine on Aliexpress for $7 but the main issue with these devices is that they they use bluetooth 4.0 which fewer phones have and the mobile apps that link the device to the phone are cumbersome to use.

  3. Lawpisa

    Where can i get it locally…?

    1. Garikai Dzoma

      You can probably trying Dipleague groups on FB but the cheapest and best place to get these is on Gearbest hence the article. This kind of Tech is not very popular this side and when you do find it locally it’s usually the expensive variants such as the Apple Watch etc.