Grab the Awesome Xiaomi Redmi 5A for $89 from Gearbest

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In an ideal world we would all buy an iPhone X or the new Samsung Galaxy S9. The truth though is that some of us cannot afford these wondrous devices. This means we will have to make do with mid range and budget devices instead. It does not however mean us getting some of the rubbish no-brand phones that seem to be on offer on most stalls.

Xiaomi the king of budget phones

Xiaomi is a Chinese company that, via its subsidiaries, makes everything from toothbrushes, towels, awesome phones, cameras, notebooks, drones and even air purifiers and vacuums. In December last year they released their budget Redmi 5A series.

Redmi 5A are meant to cater for the budget market ($100) and come in several versions and colours. Like all things from Xiaomi this range features beautifully crafted devices with specifications that offer a bang for each buck you  spend. This includes 13 MP camera, infrared, the usual Bluetooth and depending with the version a fingerprint reader. At the heart is a very respectable Snapdragon 425 and battery life that will carry you through out the day.

The Redmi 5A 2GB/16GB Version

Redmi 5A 2GB version

This version comes with 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM, 13.0MP Rear Camera 3000mAh Battery, Dual SIM and an infra red blaster for use with remote apps in addition to the usual sensors. The phone runs MIUI 8/MUI 9 which is a skin on top of Android 7.1/8.0. The phone can record 1080p videos. And this awesomeness comes at a discounted $89. Click here to check it out or buy.

Redmi 5A 2GB/16GB Phablet version

Redmi 5A Phablet version

The above device comes with a 5.0″ screen with 720p resolution. If you want a slightly larger screen then you will want the phablet version which comes with a 5.5″ screen. I am a fan of this form factor myself since my fingers tend to be a little big. This version will cost you $7 more with a price tag of $96. You click here to buy or check it out.

Redmi 5A 3GB/32GB version

The 3GB version with its conspicuous rear fingerprint reader

This is the one I am getting and it doesn’t come with just more RAM and ROM space. It spots a faster  Snapdragon 435 CPU, an upgraded 16MP selfie camera in addition to the  rear 13MP camera which will allow you to record 1080p videos. There is also the rear fingerprint scanner which none of the 2GB versions have. This version ranges between $120-$130 depending on the day. Click here to view the phone or buy it.

Which to buy?

I would strongly recommend the 3GB version for memory reasons alone. All these phones of course come with 4G (LTE duh) so expect blazing speeds on WhatsApp, Facebook and when browsing; your bundles and service provider permitting of course.

Also despite what the product page on Gearbest says you are likely to get a device that’s running Xiaomi’s latest MIUI 9 OS which is based on Android 8. In any case you can always upgrade to MIUI 9 just be mindful to use a fixed internet connection instead of data bundles for this. All devices can take a memory card with up to 128GB storage.

Redmi 5A Screen Scratch Test

Image for YouTube video with title Redmi 5A Screen Scratch Test viewable on the following URL

Still not convinced? This phone can literary withstand hammer strikes. If you drop it you can pick it up and continue your chat. Add a case and screen protector and you have yourself one tough phone.

Xiaomi Redmi 5A Water Test! Actually Waterproof?

Image for YouTube video with title Xiaomi Redmi 5A Water Test! Actually Waterproof? viewable on the following URL

It’s not officially water proof or anything but here is what happens when you get caught in a little rain or drop it in a puddle. This is the $89 version mind you! This phone does have superpowers.

Import Duty

A duty of 25% plus VAT of 15% are levied on phones. While you will need to a MasterCard/Visa card to make the purchase VAT and Duty can be paid using swipe/Ecocash when you collect the phone from the Post Office. Expect the price to pay duty of around $40 for the 2GB versions and $60 for the 3GB versions. You will likely pay less but it never hurts to be prudent.



  1. Tawanda Musorosekwa

    How long will it take to arrive?

    1. Garikai Dzoma

      Packages have an estimated delivery time of about 30 days. If you buy during off-peak periods like at the moment the packages usually arrive in less time than this. My camera took 14 days although the monopod and camera case are with ZIMRA now and have been in transit for 19days

  2. perfeh

    best deal indeed but shopping online i have never done it before,ndotya kubirwa mari @Garikai,is this a real deal or its a fake one

    1. Garikai Dzoma

      @Perfeh These are real deals nothing fake. I have bought countless times online. Right now I have at least 3 items in transit two of which are from Gearbest. I have bought from them several times. Just make sure to pay $2 for insurance during checkout, link your card with PayPal and to select Regestered Airmail so that you can track your package.

  3. Thabo M Manono

    Good phone. Using Xiaomi 4a at the moment will consider upgrading.

  4. Garikai Dzoma

    Estimated time is 30 days. In my experience it is less than this around 25 days depending with ZIMRA.

  5. Allaz

    MIUI 8 and MIUI 9 are actually based on Android 7 not 8. But don’t let that stop anyone, it’s worth it.

  6. Garikai Dzoma

    Was being futuristic. Xiaomi is promising to bring Oreo to MIUI9

  7. Worried

    You got the duty spot on this time don’t forget the 10 for clearing…. Ali express has purchase protection so at least you safe

  8. Brianmub

    Can someone confirm the strength of the LCD screen? Really considering buying the device.

    Will I get support for the device ?

    Does it run on play store?

  9. Anonymous

    I am based in Nigeria and have few questions. How much is it in naira as at now and how can it be delivered to me? What is the full cost?

    1. Anonymous

      Can I get a mail to be in touch with? cant be here always

      1. Garikai Dzoma

        garikaib at gmail dot com . Around 36000.00 naira. Just enter your address and Gearbest will have it delivered to your local post office.

  10. Anonymous

    here is mine