Expand Your Repertoire With These Udemy Courses

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In Shona there is a famous proverb: Kudzidza hakuperi. While it is often translated as “Learning never stops”, which is a statement, I often think of it as more of an imperative: Learning should never stop.

This is Gospel to those in the ICT field

The ICT field is an ever-changing kaleidoscope and if you want to remain relevant you have to constantly keep abreast of the never-ending changes that take place here. You spent a year learning Angular 2 only to have it replaced by an improved Angular 5 with little fuss from the community. What might be relevant today may not be so relevant tomorrow as new technologies and ideas are being constantly churned out.

Udemy is a great resource to help you keep up to date with any skills you might need whether its Excel or Go Programming. Once you enroll into one of their online video courses you get lifetime access. The best seller courses on this site are constantly updated to keep pace with technology changes. For example the if you had enrolled in the Angular 2 course years ago you would still have access to the now updated Angular 5 course.

To be honest Udemy is not the only online resource you could make use of but I dare you to find any cheaper platform. Most of the favourites I know like Envato charge a subscription and that might be cheaper in the short run as you get access to all their courses but eventually, it becomes expensive as you have to fork out money every month.

The best seller courses that are always being updated

There are thousands of courses on Udemy by different tutors. Some of them are absolute rubbish while others are quite excellent. We have curated a list of the gems for you:

How to pay for these courses

To enrol you will need a bank card that can make international payments. If you do not have one already, I would recommend the FBC prepaid MasterCard or Steward Bank’s Prepaid Visa. Both have to be prefunded using forex instead of our local “funny money.” A person in ICT should really have one of this cards. I would also recommend linking your card with PayPal when using it online for security reasons.

Paying using Ecocash

Ecocash disabled their MasterCard a lifetime ago but I am a saint. I am willing to help those who want to make Udemy payments using Ecocash. If you are one of these people here are the instructions:

  1. Get in touch with me via Email: garikaib@gmail.com or via WhatsApp/Call +263772473953 if you send an SMS it will be ceremoniously ignored.
  2. Send the following details: The exact name of the course ( if possible send me the link to the course), your email ( this has to be valid ), Name and Surname
  3. If I give you the go ahead send $19.90 to the said number via Ecocash. This covers the bank charges for me plus a cup of tea ($1). I read somewhere that tea is good for you.
  4. Give me five minutes (if I am near a PC) to make the payment and check your email and Voila you should be enrolled. Of course, I am a saint.

Keep learning and stay relevant. Otherwise, you will join OS2 in the graveyard.



  1. Anonymous

    Garikai Dzoma you are doing a great job

  2. simpliv

    Get Any Course for $12 By SIMPLIV with lifetime access. please visit http://www.simpliv.com

  3. Anonymous

    Treehouse is also another great platform.I actually think its the best platform.For about 30usd a month you get access to almost all the content for all the courses available.Its also easier to get some gig jobs if you have the teamtreehouse badge.They offer a one month free trial i think you should also give it a try.

  4. marshall

    a more local solution is https://www.yovarsity.com, equally as good as udemy