Distributed Power Africa: Econet Makes A Huge Investment In Energy

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Marred by persistent power cuts and inaccessible Zesa power lines in some locations, Econet has resorted to make a huge investment in energy to power its energy hungry operations. Their aim is to power its data centers which require a lot of energy consumption.

But this is not an ordinary investment in energy

With the aim of converging with the global drive of sustainable business, Econet is seeking to leverage on Zimbabwe’s 3000 hours of sunshine per year and its rich lithium deposit by investing in solar energy. Its doing so through its subsidiary, Distributed Power Africa(DPA) that is missioned to supply power in Africa through renewable energy.

Distributed Power Africa is a dynamic renewable energy solution company that is aiming to provide sustainable green energy at affordable cost to businesses and individuals in Africa.

Econet is attempting to power its operations that heavily rely on the unreliable national grid and sometimes diesel power. This is against the background of the power generation deficit currently faced by Zimbabwe that could be impeding the smooth flow of its operations. Another motivating factor for this massive investment could be to reduce the cost of energy considering that Zimbabwe’s energy cost of US9.8c/KW is expensive compared to the regional average cost of US6c/KW.