Cellulant Wants To Take The Hustle Out Of Digital School Fees Payments

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Cellulant, a digital payments service, is trying to lessen the burden involved with making fees payments in Zimbabwe. They are introducing a service that enables tracking of fees payments. This means that as a parent/guardian you just pay fees and don’t have to produce any proof of payment as the school can track who made the payment and whose fees are being paid.

A more seamless experience?

The cash crunch has its grip tightly around zimbos necks and last year some parents/guardians resorted to paying fees with livestock (goats to be exact). Even now the payment options available are not as intuitive as one would like.

If a parent pays fees via bank transfer, the child has to then go with the bank statement as proof of payment for the school to acknowledge that the fees were actually paid. In the event that the proof of payment was misplaced by your child or you (parent/guardian), you would have to go to the bank and get another statement and then go back to the school. If it’s payment via EcoCash (or Telecash, OneWallet) the parent/guardian has to be at the school to avoid confusion in case there is a child with a similar surname at the school.

So much time and effort just in order to ensure that the fees you paid is acknowledged. To make matters worse, your child may be banned from attending classes as the school waits for proof of payment.

Cellulant’s payment option enables tracking of payments. This means that as a parent/guardian you just have to pay fees and rest easy.

Cellulant has brought Stanbic on board as one of the first partners and enables you to access Blue 247(Stanbic’s mobile banking platform). The platform can also be linked to other mobile money platforms such as EcoCash and enables you to pay bills from the comfort of your home. I am not with Stanbic so I can neither confirm nor deny if their mobile banking platform works as advertised.

Cellulant is not new in Zimbabwe and has actually been operating for about 5 years now. The one downside of this service is that it’s available to Stanbic customers only so if you are using any other bank you are out of luck. The payment option is also available in over 200 schools which Cellulant failed to disclose at the time of writing. If you know some of these schools please let us know in the comments down below

We want more!

Hopefully, this payment option will be coming to other banks soon because right now the Stanbic exclusivity means this service is unavailable to a huge number of people and schools who actually need it. The option would be welcome in more schools as well

What do you think about Cellulant’s fees payment platform? If it comes to other banking platforms will you switch to it? Let’s get talking



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