Businesses Asked For It, Techzim Responds: Here’s A Guide To WhatsApp Business

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Techzim has responded to the requests of some businesses who have been asking us to explain how they could use WhatsApp Business. We have compiled a guide for any Zimbabwean business that is considering using the app. You can buy and download this guide directly here.

To state the obvious

WhatsApp is big deal. The application has more than 1.5 billion active users around the world and more than 1 billion active chat groups! That’s crazy, a billion chat groups… Every single day, this huge community sends a total 60 billion messages to each other. That’s a lot of chatter or a lot of conversation or a lot of opportunity depending on where you’s standing.

WhatsApp is a big deal in Zimbabwe. We estimate that at least 5.2 million people use WhatsApp in Zimbabwe. More than 40% of all internet traffic is WhatsApp traffic (the last number given by POTRAZ is 44%). As we have said before, WhatsApp is the internet in Zimbabwe.

WhatsApp is a no brainer for businesses but it sucks…

No consumer facing business wouldn’t want to be active on a platform like that obviously. However, WhatsApp is designed to be only for peer to peer communication and not for business use. The app has always been unfriendly to businesses. If you send too many messages to too many people from your businesses WhatsApp number (before WhatsApp Business) for example, you could find yourself blocked.

This was a deliberate move to make the app very good on user experience and this explains why it has become the most popular messaging app in the world. WhatsApp is simple and it just works. Good for the individual users but bad for businesses, more like headache for businesses.

Enter WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is simply WhatsApp for business. It is a distinct app for businesses to interact with the multitudes that use WhatsApp daily. The application has tools that make it easier for businesses to manage their WhatsApp account without frustrating potential customers.

If you already use WhatsApp for business activities, this new app will make it easier for you to do it. You can use the number you were already using as your WhatsApp number or even your landline number. The app is not difficult to figure out at all but of course you in business do not always have time to learn new tools and such…

Techzim to the rescue

Techzim’s Guide to WhatsApp Business has been compiled to walk you through the application and its tools. The guide includes examples to help you visualise the tools in use. Real world examples of how Zimbabwean and international companies are using this resource have been given to make things practical.

The guide is selling for only $14.99.

To buy the Techzim’s Ecocash Write-Up simply send the fee of $4.99 to Techzim Merchant Number 83688 and then send an email with the reference number to


  1. £@WRE$IA

    I just dont understand what the major difference here is for example you guys should have made a review of the application stating how it differs from the original whatsapp and how one may benefit after paying the fee other than just using the ordinary whatsapp

    1. Tinashe Nyahasha
  2. mirirai nemaisa

    Techzim 14.99 is way too exobitant for the majority of entrepreneurs in zimbabwe. You have the ability to reach out to every business, smell scale to be precise. But only if your pricing morning is attractive enough to motivate. Imagine is there are 6million entrepreneurs, all of whom are willing to try whatapp business guide. And you charge $2.99. Look into it. You don’t have to be this expensive. Look as games like need for speed most wanted on the playstore. $5 99. It get millions of downloads per week. I really wanted to try your guide as an entrepreneur but 14.99 is way too much.
    Thanks. You

    1. Tinashe Nyahasha

      Hi Mirirai
      Thanks much for the feedback. We will definitely take it into consideration. Guides and insights are a new product which we will continue tweaking to make as accessible to as many of our readers as possible whilst still making sense economically
      I hope you will be at hand guiding us through this process every step of the way,

      Thanks again