[BREAKING]:Telecel Subscribers Can Now Register For EcoCash

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EcoCash billboard

It seems the EcoCash doors have been opened once again. Telecel subscribers are now able to register for EcoCash.

Last week we reported that NetOne subscribers could now register on EcoCash. The process is as simple as going into an Econet Shop and going through the normal registration process and you’re an EcoCash user.

Of course, for now, EcoCash is only available through the EcoCash application and not the USSD codes.

EcoCash-Google Play Store link

EcoCash’s move to open its platform to users who are not on the Econet platform is good news and we will be taking a look at what this could mean for the mobile money scene in Zim…



  1. Concerned customer

    Econet is trying to play clever by acting as if they are complying to the interoperability directive when they are not. They are actually trying to create a mobile money monopoly which will be a a big disadvantage to customers and the country.

  2. Anonymous

    Well done Econet. We need strong intelligent leaders in this country who have initiative and drive. Keep it up.

  3. Murambiwa

    As usual, Techzim falis again to present a balanced article. For a technology mag, I would have expected some fintec nous in your article. “Ecocash is now playing at OTT level, with a wallet app not limited to network allegiance akin to the Whatsapp initiative in India..” Show some thought behind your article – some research pliz. But, maybe its too much to ask. How about the benefits of this “innovation”? How do you load the wallet? What redemption options do you have? Will this address the interoperability challenges – will you be able to send/receive money into the wallet from ZIPIT, from One Money or from Telecash? Will you get a debit card linked to the wallet – push or OTP? With the app based wallet, will you be able to access Zimswitch POS devices? Will you be able to terminate into Ecocash merchants, billers? If not, where is the convenience considering environmental factors like lack of cash on the market? I don’t blame Ecocash for innovating, but a media house not playing its part in correctly informing its audience and spurring further innovation by addressing pertinent issues around a new product. How does the innovation impact One Money, Telecash, Get Cash and My Cash? What will the Ministry, the RBZ and Anti-Competition authorities say about all this? Is this the interoperability as advocated by The Minister?

    Having reported about Net One last week, I would have thought you had ample time to research and seek industry opinions on it…nxa

    Hot air I guess 🙁

    1. Anonymous

      This comment just made me realise how much i have gotten used to these shallow articles from Techzim. You should be their editor.

      1. Tinashe Nyahasha

        Very sorry for the shallowness. Please refer to my reply to Murambiwa as well.
        We appreciate your expectations of our brand. Please keep us on our toes and we will improve

    2. Tinashe Nyahasha

      Very sorry to disappoint you.
      If you have followed us for a while you could have realised that when there is a breaking story we first do just that: break it and then do follow on articles that discuss implications and a lot other things. Case in point the Netone article you mentioned. We do this because news has currency and if we go on to analyse and break the news at the same time we will not break the news.
      I must admit though that two of the questions you asked never occurred to us in the editorial meeting we had just after the story broke. Thanks a lot for that.
      We asked some questions from a few individuals concerned. Please expect some more breaking it down type articles tomorrow whether or not we get responses from these people.
      Thank you very much for holding us to a high standard and we don’t take it lightly that you have such a deep expectation of our brand. Sorry for dropping the ball.

      I personally appreciate your loyalty to us and the work we do. Expect us to keep improving,


  4. Amanda Georges

    Where was Telecel and NetOne when Econet was marketing and implementing their EcoCash? They were seating on the asses. Now the Government wants to force interoperability because it has realized that its companies are and will never compete and win this mobile money war.Guys this is business.You cant seat and expect that customers will flock to you.What wrong did Econet do with their EcoCash?NOTHING