Earn Money For Your Selfies On This App

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Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain are buzzwords that are hitting headlines for good and mostly for wrong reasons. Against that background, I am curious about a new social network platform that claims to reward users for sharing photos. Is it another scam or is it for real?

The new offer is from a platform called SELFLLRY that’s promising all you photogenic creatures a chance to make a buck out of your good looks


SELFLLERY is a photo-sharing platform similar to Instagram or Snapchat. They are aiming to promote the futuristic concept of monetizing social media personal copyrights through rewarding users for the photos they share on their platform.

According to their website, SELFLLERY is a multifunctional social platform that allows you to receive rewards in cryptocurrency for social activities related to publication of visual content. Instead of Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter making money from your photos, SELFLLERY says they’re here to allow people to earn money when they share their moments.

Of course, I was kidding to say that only selfies are rewarded, you can also be rewarded for photos of events or important places, anything that makes someone hit ‘like’.

Photos for real money?

Well….No. SELFLLERY does not pay you the kind of money we use to buy vegetables in Mbare or pay for Kombi. SELFLLERY rewards you with a token called YOU Token that is convertible into Ethereum. Ethereum is a platform almost like Bitcoin only that its cryptocurrency is called Ether.

SELFLLRY’s YOU token can be used to purchase products (cosmetics, selfie sticks, smartphones, etc.) or services (cosmetic surgery, photo prints, plastic surgery etc.) available in SELFLLERY’S marketplace.

Their website claims SELFLLERY is in the process of devising an alternative option that will enable users to withdraw their YOU token cryptocurrency through an Ethereum exchange so that you can get money(fiat currency-the money we use to buy vegetables and pay for Kombi’s) to use in the real world.

Don’t forget that Ethereum is the second largest and popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin so that means you can cash out more or less easily if the promise is true.

How do you make money with your photos?

According SELFLLERY’S whitepaper, users are rewarded for the following activities;

  • Likes
    As users get Likes, they get YOU tokens credited to their accounts
  • Photoquests
    In a photoquest, users are tasked with making photos of certain objects, animals or scenes within a limited period. After completing all the tasks, the player can receive a prize in YOU tokens.
  • Photo contests
    Users can participate in games and contests and could get additional Likes, increase their photo ratings and receive rewards in YOU tokens.
  • Stock Photos
    SELFLLERY provides a multipurpose stock photo library to upload and sell digital photos. Payments in the stock gallery are made with YOU tokens.

So how do I join SELFLLRY?

Joining is as easy as ABC. You just have to download SELFLLRY’s App on Playstore or Appstore and enter your name, email, country and you are good to go.

So if I sign up right now, will I start earning money?

Yes and NO. Yes in the sense that SELFLLERY is already rewarding tokens. No, in the sense that currently you cannot yet withdraw the YOU tokens through an Ethereum exchange. Therefore, for now you can only use their tokens to buy products and services in their marketplace.

For now let me try to earn some tokens, I will update you on how it goes.