What Can We Expect From The Kwese-iflix Partnership

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar

With Kwese recently acquiring a stake in iflix, the video streaming powerhouse in Asia, it’s only natural that Kwese subscribers will be waiting to see the changes coming to the Kwese platforms. Here are my thoughts in regards to how this deal may impact both Kwese and iflix…

How the deal impacts Kwese

I may be wrong but I think traditional satellite TV is a dying breed. Yes, Africa may still have a few more years with this technology but it seems to me that streaming is taking over and Kwese has made this move whilst eyeing the future.

Kwese already has a streaming service (Kwese Play) which is only available in South Africa at the moment. I believe the deal with iflix increases their knowledge on how the Streaming Video on Demand (SVoD) industry works and enables them to expand and enter other territories on the continent. I know the major stumbling block on SVoD’s in Africa always comes down to data costs but I think this deal is more of a forward-looking investment and less of a short-term solution. When data becomes available on a larger scale and costs lower I believe Kwese wants to be first in line and offer an amazing service through Kwese play.

Speaking of the short-term, the acquisition of iflix may also lead to Kwese getting a boost in terms of content on the Kwese TV platform (the traditional satellite TV). Right now when compared to DSTV, kwese is playing catch-up and any content they can add to their platform will be welcome.

I know there will be those asking if iflix brings EPL matches. Nope, no EPL because of this deal. iflix doesn’t have those rights but if you are a Kwese subscriber keep your fingers crossed as maybe some of the movies and series on iflix will probably pop up on Kwese’s TV platform.

How the deal impacts iflix

iflix has been targeting emerging markets and this deal will help their content reach more of these markets. Currently, iflix had set up operations in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and SA (though it is available in other African countries besides these). This deal enables them to spread their reach into other countries through the Kwese brand. I think going forward as Kwese enters new markets so will iflix by association.

iflix is also interested in positioning themselves as the ‘anti-Netflix’. In order to do this, they offer far lower prices than Netflix and they try to embrace local content in the markets they are active. The iflix content roster includes Kenyan movies and shows and also Nollywood content. iflix’s involvement in Africa could lead to the growth of African media houses and directly increase the reach of African shows and movies.

Let’s see how it goes

This is all speculation on my part but this deal will most likely lead to positive developments for both Kwese and iflix. Hopefully, subscribers also get to benefit as we get to decide if these products sink or swim.

As we wait to see the fruits of Kwese and iflix’s labour, get in the comments section below and let us know what you think will come about as a result of this deal, what you expect Kwese to do to entice you if you are not a subscriber right now and so on.


  1. Mtombeni Lovemore

    I’m rather disappointed by Kwese by it’s failure to offer such channels as “Discovery “; “Hope” and Isambulo”. Until this happens I don’t imagine myself being a Kwese fanatic.

    1. Tashinga

      Discovery is exclusive dstv

  2. Anonymous

    so this deal is more of African movies? people tend to like western movies generally

    1. Cde Tau

      people have different tastes not everyone likes western movies or even the much famed EPL. This could turn out to be a smart deal for both kwese and iflix in the future, you see nobody gave netflix a chance when they started in the US simply because they did not have sports content but look at the results now.

  3. Fasi

    I did a test-drive of iFlix when they were offering a month free in December, and I must say, the amount of programs they have on there are rather limited (I don’t know if they were limiting variety for the free version, maybe). Personally, I’m good with Kwese even though they don’t have some of my favourite channels, but for what it is, and the amount of money we pay monthly, I am satisfied. If for real they don’t charge extra with iFlix, then that would be pretty good value. Let’s wait and see.