RTG Introducing Application That Makes Finding Hotels, Events, Restaurants Much Easier

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Rainbow Tourism Group has just introduced the RTG Gateway app that acts as a tourism hub.The aim is to make it easy to book a hotel room, a table at a restaurant, buy tickets to events, order gifts for yourself or others.

  • For hotels, there’s an option to pay as you’re booking or pay later (This just confirms your booking and then you pay when you get to check in).
  • The app recommends places that are nearer to you.
  • You can also order liquor online.
  • Bars and pubs section also shows you bars that are currently having promotions. I guess alcohol lovers will need to check this one out ASAP!
  • The gifts section allows you to order a selection of gifts for yourself or someone else.


The Eats section recommends restaurants that are nearby your current location. You can also search for other restaurants around the country. For every restaurant, there is a description of what type of restaurant they are and the foods they offer.The app also gives you options to either book a table or order online.


The gift section is more bare bones and allows you to order a gift that will be delivered to you or another person. The gifts menu featured wines mostly but you can also gift someone ‘A Night Out Of Town’ or a fruit basket set.


You can make bookings and search for hotels around the country. The Gateway app allows you to pick Check In and Check Out dates depending on availability. You can also book

There are also online auctions for hotel rooms that are in demand. The room being auctioned for will have a timer that shows when the auction ends. There is also a Bid Now and Buy Now option that we didn’t get to test so I can’t really inform you how the auctioning goes.

Other options

There’s also a Liquor Online section that allows users to search for Bars and Pubs in Harare. This section also has a promotions tab that compiles all the promotions on offer at Bars and Pubs on the particular days that you check.

There’s an Events & Venues section which allows you to check spaces available for hire and make inquiries. You can also book tickets to the events on offer.

There is also an Airport Transfer service which allows you to enter a pickup and dropoff address. You can also add the number of guests as well as the date and time you would like to be picked up.

A Room Service feature is also coming soon.

Payments can be made through Ecocash, Telecash, VISA, Mastercard, and Vpayments for now.

Personally, I think the Gateway app is a step in the right direction and makes information more accessible. RTG is embracing tech in a manner that makes services that were out of the reach of many people more accessible.

When we published this article we initially misinformed readers that the app does not support local payment services. That was incorrect and we have updated the article. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Download The RTG Gateway Application on Google Play



  1. Edwin

    Hi buddy please redo your article, they accept all forms of payments from zimswitch, ecocash, telecash, visa, master and vpayments through paynow please retest the payment process. This is misleading people

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      Thanks for highlighting this when testing the app I had not seen the availability of the other local services. Thanks for your feedback!

  2. Clement Siby

    No links to the app?

    1. Edwin Ruzive

      http://www.rtggateway.com that is the website you can check on and click on download the app depending on the phone you have there is a link for IOS and Android too, the good part is what you can do on the app is what you can also do on the website.

  3. TMU

    This app uses Paynow and accepts local payments. I think there is a need to edit this article.

  4. Papa P

    I’m happy the software industry is coming to life in zim finally!!!!! IT is not just tech support and networking, we need more innovative ideas, online shopping and payment platforms that are flexible.

  5. Duarito Kunyaki

    Good afternoon. May you register our restaurant on your app. How do we go about it

    1. Edwin Ruzive

      Good day Duarito, please send us your details to bookings@rtggateway.com or for faster registration follow this link: https://rtggateway.com/user/pregister

  6. Lovejoy

    Well done to the developers and stakeholders of the app. This is the norm worldwide with keyword being convenience to users/customers. Hope they build on it.

  7. Tinashe