Is OPPO Really Offering Value For Money?

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Oppo recently introduced a selection of new devices at their local store. This is a good move since local consumers have more devices to choose from, however we have to check if OPPO is really offering potential customers value for money.



The A37 is the OPPO device for those on a budget , and it has decent specs such as a HD Display, 2GB RAM, and an 8MP Camera. In the OPPO shop it retails for $360.


Competition for the A37

Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime

The Galaxy J5 Prime is another entry level device that costs $350, and similarly has an HD screen as well as 2GB RAM and a more up to date version of android than the A37. It also has a higher pixel count on the camera with a 13MP offering. Another feature the J5 Prime has over the OPPO A37 is fingerprint recognition.

Sony Xperia XA

The Sony Xperia XA is another alternative which offers true bang for buck as it offers a better processor, camera experience and software all for $280. The design of the Xperia XA is also more unique (although beauty lies in the eye of the beholder so you may beg to differ)

Nokia 5

Lastly the Nokia 5 seems like the best value smartphone with similar specs and more up to date software. The Nokia 5 also has a really neat design with a 2.5D curved display. It also has a fingerprint sensor , which the OPPO doesn’t have.





The A71 & A57 are more of midrange offerings that retail for $469 and $509. Both have HD displays, and 3GB RAM. The A57 has a better, 16MP selfie cam compared to the A71’s 5MP unit. The A57 also has a fingerprint sensor whilst the older A71 does not. The only advantage in the A71’s favour is that it has a slightly larger battery than the A53.


Competition for the A57 and A71

S6 Edge

The Galaxy S6 Edge retails for $400. It has more processing power than both the A57 and A71. Personally I think the design is leaps and bounds ahead of OPPO’s offerings. The display is qHD resolution which is also better than OPPO’s offerings whilst being cheaper.



The G5 is another $400 smartphone which offers a qHD display, 4GB RAM , and a dual camera setup on the back(16MP+8MP). It also supports modules that increase battery, add speakers and camera lenses though that feature proved to be less exciting than LG anticipated.


iPhone 6

At $500, the iPhone 6 is more expensive than the A71 but is still less than the A57. The iPhone 6 offers better build quality,a better processor, fingerprint recognition, stellar image quality and the ‘status’ of having an Apple device.


The OPPO F3 is positioned as the flagship and priced accordingly at $719. The F3 is positioned as the phone for selfie lovers and has a dual front camera setup which sees OPPO pair a 16MP and 8MP camera on the front, while on the back there is a 13MP camera. It also has a healthy 4GB RAM, a Full HD display and the largest battery among OPPO devices being offered in Zim.


Competition for the F3


The $600 HTC U11 offers a breathtaking glass design,6GB RAM, dust/water resistance, a qHD display and a 16MP selfie camera.



LG’s G6 offers dust/water resistance, a qHD edge to edge display, dual camera setup and a metal unibody design all for $550. It will probably last longer than the F3 as it has a slightly larger battery.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

$620 gets you Samsung’s flagship from last year. Features such as water/dust resistance, a great 12MP camera and a qHD display which flows onto the edges of the device make the S7 Edge offer a superior experience for $100 less.

Most if not all of the phones competing with A37, A57, A71 and F3 seem to be from more reputable brands that offer better specifications for a lesser price and this does not really make sense as there is no reason to buy their devices right now. OPPO isn’t offering much in the way of value for money and unless they change their approach, it is unlikely their brand will grow in the Zim market.



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    Lol izvi hatingazvigone but jus wanted to ask why you people never mention Huawei, its one if the biggest players out there and the third biggest seller currenty after Samsung and Apple. Ana LG nana HTC ava vapama trying times

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      For the purpose of this article, Huawei devices that were in the specific price ranges covered were not (to me at least!) as exciting as the ones I covered. Yes LG and HTC are going through trying times but their devices offer a certain guarantee of quality that other brands do not offer.

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    Huawei iri bho. Asi who ever is running the Oppo Store is trying to make a killing. Hapana kana value for money. Apa ma Huawei sellers are offering lay-byes.

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    imagine actually forking out $700 for an Oppo hahahahha, unenge usina kunyatsokwana.

    1. Mbo

      Oppo actually has some good phones witj good value for money. I used and still have an Oppo A71. I just feel they are heavly overpriced in Zim I stay in China and A71 is around $190 asking $500 plus is too much these guys are acting as a front but pricing yavo is too much. Otherwise Oppo is not such a bad phone

  6. Sagitarr

    Just a suggestion – why not use a table to compare the phones? Your rows could show the make & model whilst the columns show all the interesting attributes/features etc. Much easier than going through all that verbiage. Other subtle differences in phones are processor speed, charging time, smoothness and sharpness of displayed images, HD recording etc these might help explain or rationalise the price differences.

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      Thanks for the feedback!

  7. wezhira

    where can one get the mentioned retail prices for the alternate devices you mentioned?
    i’m just curious…

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      The links are in the article and all redirect to Zim Classified listings of the devices