Masiyiwa Invited Back Home By The Mnangagwa Government, But Why Now?

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Strive Masiyiwa, Forbes Net worth

The Zimbabwean government has invited Strive Masiyiwa back into the country. They want him to attend a National Dialogue forum being organized by the National Economic Consultative Forum in March. This is an interesting development since Masiyiwa had been in ‘exile’ for the better part of the last two decades.

Most of the country was waiting to see how the relationship between our government and Strive would go forward after the ‘coup-not-coup’. It seems we have an answer now as he is expected back in the country next month. We reasoned that the government had to make the first move. It seems that they’ve taken initiative by inviting him.

Why now?

Personally, I think the government is trying their best to distance themselves from the Mugabe regime by reversing some of the unpopular decisions made back then. The government clearly knows the general public holds Masiyiwa highly and this move could be one to win people over as we head towards elections. Even though the move could be political I personally think it’s still a positive one.

The immediate impact of this invitation…

Strive is expected to present on “The role of innovation and entrepreneurship in the new Zimbabwe” at the National Dialogue forum draft programme. If he does end up making the presentation there is no doubt the event will be packed as business leaders try to pick Masiyiwa’s mind.

There is value in Masiyiwa coming and speaking at such events as it may give aspiring and local business owners much needed exposure. Obviously, the chance to interact with Masiyiwa will excite many business minded people. I mean, after all, the guy is a role model for many and considered one of our brightest exports.

In summary…

I think the invitation sends a message to diasporans and other foreign investors as well. It hammers home the idea that “Zimbabwe is open for business” as the president has been saying. However, just because they invited it doesn’t mean he will accept.

March is a few weeks away. For a man with a schedule such as his, is it sufficient notice? Will he consider the invitation to be sincere? Will he want to give the current government some kind of political mileage by showing face?

We definitely hope he comes. We formally declare that if he does come we want to interview him. Why not?



  1. Dave

    Techzim I’m a huge fan but please proofread your articles before publishing them, the errors in grammar and spelling mistakes are so chronic especially for this level.

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      We’ll definitely look into that, thanks for the feedback Dave.

    2. Wengai

      In the age of social media, we r witnessing a steady evolution in writing and presentation where stuff like grammar spellings are no longer as important to writers. Writers are much after the message conveyed and it more of a growing global trend. Even CNN has noted how Trump’s white house has released a number of unpolished documents representing the US government. This trend of “rough” english is on the rise and in a way English as a language is in the middle of an evolution.

      1. Sagitarr

        You can try to underplay spelling & grammatical mistakes as much as you like, even hiding under “age of social media” hype. The point is there are many tools at the disposal of the writer:- spelling checkers, grammar checkers, thesaurus, dictionaries etc I wonder what writers you represent who are against learning or criticism…
        ….at the fixed header for this web page is white text on black background and it says “Help us improve TechZim” are you? Some discerning people are completely turned off by poor writing, which can lead to many different results from losing a job interview , failing to get a job, right through to losing a sale. As a writer, ignore this at your own peril. If your name is Denis and I spell it with a P instead of D how will you feel?

  2. VaMhlanga

    Allow me to be a bit off topic here. Many Zimvabweans think Masiyiwa is Zimbabwe’s ” property “. They think by being born in Zimbabwe, Masiyiwa is obligated to make decisions considered ” acceptable “to Zimbabweans at large.

    What a misconception!

    Masiyiwa is now a Global businessman. His business decisions are influenced by profitability etc NOT birth place. When Kwese decides not to go to bed with the local Premiership, its a BUSINESS decision that has nothing to do where Masiyiwa was born!

    Global entrepreneurs do not ” belong ” anywhere. “Roots” have nothing to do with business decisions.

    1. Garikai Dzoma

      Actually you are a typical Zimbabwean who only looks for bad things in his people. If a Zimbabwean who emigrated to the UK commits murder we find a way to make it about Zimbabwe even if the accused is now a UK citizen. We emphasise the bad and don’t report on the good. By the same token Masiyiwa is a Zimbabwean belongs to us the same way Buffet and Bill Gates are American.

      1. Nzara

        Your reasoning is why the economy of Zimbabwe collapsed noone is anyone or anything’s property

  3. sg

    Masiyiwa Invited Back Home By The Mnangagwa Government, But Why Now???

    Manga muchida when ? nxaaaa

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      The article is meant to look at the reasons behind this and if there are any hidden motives, but thanks for the feedback Sg!

  4. bophijambo

    lolz! coup not coup!

  5. Evermercy Kusure

    Why now? Because Mugabe is gone and we have a new gvt. Every Zimbabwean who ran away from Mugabe should go home be it rich /poor. He probably wants him to do business in his home country that around the world. I am only answering your head line. Didn’t read any of it.

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      Thanks for the feedback.

  6. Shumba Gurundoro

    Yes, whether Zimbabwean only by birth, one will be a Zimbabwean. We do not want to be negative about Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans and linking or considering Zanu PF to be fully reprentative of all Zimbabweans. Mind other political parties here. Do not ask why an investor is invited now and only now, this is the time seen to be the right time and if i were to contribute to his decision to come, i was going to influence him definitely. We want development. I do not mind other commentators’ spelling and gramma mistakes but their ideas.

  7. chris hanyane

    My two cents is that the guy should have come long ago on his own without waiting to be invited. I am not sure of why he was exiled, but I believe there are times when we reach a certain stage of our professional development we need to be aware of the responsibilities that come with our success. Showing your hand on your take when a seismic change like the departure of our dear leader and the circumstances surrounding his departure is one such case.

  8. Killian Damba

    They are letting him know he won’t be arrested Strive fled Zim after valid externalising investigations were launched. He then proceeded to be the money and driver behind MDC. I challenge you to find out about the externalization from credible judicial sources

    1. Sagitarr

      EW is currently the money & driver behind this govt!! via taxes and fees etc. Externalisation could be considered a crime but funding MDC (assuming this is fact), what’s wrong with that? It is a very popular legal political party.

  9. JamesM

    Who cares the reasons behind Strive’s coming back. He never should have been forced to flee his home land in the first place. Mwana wevhu for heaven’s sake. Welcome back Strive and we look forward to you making a contribution to the country’s crumbling economy. The people you fled from made a dog’s breakfast of the economy. The task of attracting foreign investors after what the country has been through is not going to be easy. Many investors are still sitting on the fence debating whether they should set up plant & equipment and create jobs for many in the process. If Strive can come back to his country of birth, other investors with deep pockets will start looking at Zimbabwe again.

  10. July Chikukwa

    Where in your story does it say government had invited Strive Masiyiwa to the conference in Harare? Not even speculation. Your journalism sucks. So you have another story all worked out for you when Strive obviously doesn’t turn up because there was never such an invitation. And that will be about his not turning up1
    I have always respected your journalism but only as it relates to writing about technical matters. Your analaysis of general issjues is way off, even amateurish. Your story about Dr. Dish v Econet Media being a case in point. You put two and two together and got yourself a healthy five.
    I know for such that there has not been such n invitation and in any case why would it be coming from government. The suggestion is mischevious, that when Stfrive does not turn up as indeed he will not because there is not invite to consider at all, the story will be about his perceived continued tiff with the government.
    I’ve seen this before, conference organisasers attracting participants by dropping such names as Strive Masiyiwa being on the Programme and only to apologize because they supposedly had to attend to some other unforeseen blah blah.
    It’s fraud and you are perpetuating it. Isn’t it time you woke up. Or, in your case, you probably have this thing about Strive, judging by the way you have written about him in the past. I don’t speak for him. Nor do I claim to. However, I get sickened by false news. You are too good a technology website, and I mean it. These kind of reports are sullying your reputation.

    1. Knighstalkers bae

      July you’ve so much anger and hatred. anyways here’s something for you

    2. Xibo

      Dude you are such a drama king. Relax

  11. Anonymous

    Hey vakomana!

  12. Maz

    Zimbabwe is not where it is because of Strive’s absence. Mismanagement of the former regime, full stop> the problem with Mugabe is that he thought he was the only one anointed by God to take Zimbabwe forward. The same mistake Strive shouldn’t fall in. Him or without him Zimbabwe goes forward now!

  13. Maz

    And by the way Strive now needs Zim more than the other way Round. During Mugabe’s tenure Strive could afford to relax because the Zim laws (51-49)protected his businesses. It means Now MTN, Vodacom etc can now easily penetrate the ZIm market and you know what it means. Mkoma Strive motosunga dzisimbe.

  14. Xibo

    This comments section shows me the harsh reality of how Zimbabwe has so many “educated” and “well spoken” dumb and shallow people. How does an analysis about the potential causes/outcomes of a simple future event deteriorate into dumb ramblings.