Give something other than flowers this Valentine

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Everyone likes flowers, they are err … the word is nice, they smell nice, they look nice everything about them is nice. The truth though is unless you are a cheap bastard and opted for plastic flowers by the end of this week whatever flowers you bought will be in a bin. Valentine is essentially a flower murdering spree.

What you should have done

You should have listened to me last month when I wrote about Gearbest and found the perfect gift for him/her and had it delivered in time. You can still buy your loved one a belated gift and while they may rant, rave and sulk you will earn your forgiveness once the perfect gift arrives and you explain yourself.

Digital Gifts are the way to go

Instead of being a flower serial killer or risking yourself being killed for not buying a gift you can simply buy a digital gift instead. There is no need to wait once you buy it, it is instantly delivered and you might even get a chance to boast. Hey you can even pretend you had it all planned and under control.

You can thank me later for being a life saver but here I my suggestions:

  1. Gift them a Udemy course, they are going for $10.99 (Valentine’s sale of course) if you follow this link. If you know what your loved one has always wanted to learn e.g. Drawing. Just go to the course and click on “Gift This Course”. You get a chance to send them a personalized message telling them how much you love them. I would be careful not to give a gift that might well be taken as an insult. Now is not the time to gift your wife the Kitchen Basics course no matter how much she needs it.
  2. An iTunes Card– now that Apple Music is available in Zimbabwe get them a iTunes gift card so they can enjoy 45 million songs beyond the 3 month trial. There is an option for every budget from $10 to $50. Normally this requires a U.S PayPal account but you can buy from my favorite re seller store and use any Visa/MasterCard
  3. A Google Play Gift Card– I am a Google Music man myself and have used it for close to a year now. The gift card can also be used to purchase premium apps, movies, songs etc. Your loved one will no doubt appreciate Google’s simple elegant designs that will put Spotify or Apple Music to shame. While Google Music is not officially available in Zimbabwe you/they can simply open a South African premium account for $5/month that will work anywhere.
  4. PlayStation US 90 day and 1 year membership– if you loved one is into gaming you can get them a 90 day Playstation membership for $26 or give them a full year at $65
  5. Xbox Gift Cards– if they are Microsoft through and through you can pick a gift card according to your budget here
  6. Assasins Creed Unity-if you are shamelessly frugal you can still have them playing Assasin’s Creed for a measly $3.Yes three dollars.
  7. Or FIFA 17- for those dry weekends when there is no FA action going on.
  8. Assorted Ubi Games Gift Card– Ubisoft is a gaming powerhouse and you can choose your loved one’s poison from an extensive list and according to your budget.
  9. PC Games-there are a lot of PC games out there just cast a lot and choose the perfect gift.
  10. Steam Games– steam is another name out there.

So there you go, 10 perfect gift ideas to get back in good graces instantly. You really don’t have to murder flowers in order to make your loved one happy. You will note however that all these items require you to have a Visa/MasterCard or/ and PayPal account.

If you don’t and are broke I guess you might have to do this old school the hard way. Go out into the forest and start picking some wild flowers. I hear Lantana Camaras are in full bloom this time of the year. Those are the only free items(flowers or not) you are going to get or you can always use “it’s the thought that counts as your excuse.” Good Luck.



  1. TheKing

    Most geeks are single, lol

    1. Garikai Dzoma

      Hahaha. I know used to be single most of the time too. None of the girls were willing to put up with the fact that I somehow preferred being online than going to the shopping mall. Thing is with option one I got to keep the little pocket money I had.

    2. @RMalunda

      I agree! seems like a norm?

  2. Anonymous

    you see, these gifts are really affordable but most girls aren’t computer savvy! it would be better to give them those traditional gifts! otherwise nice article!

    1. Garikai Dzoma

      Gifts are about making her happy. You should give her what makes her happy even if it’s a traditional gift. Happy Valentine’s!

  3. Allaz

    Check the gift cards thing – bought an iTunes gift card but it refused to redeem because the region where I created and signed up for my iTunes account/ Apple ID differed from the region where I bought the card. They are not “universally compatible” and there are no official iTunes cards for Zimbabwe. Be careful the advice you are giving people.

    1. Garikai Dzoma

      Oh. Sorry to hear that. I have always had a US account myself I think that was an oversight on my part Apple Music in Zimbabwe is kinda of new and it would seem the way I put it is it might be construed that these cards can be used on a Zim account. In any case it’s always easy to create the right account for the right region that matches the card. Apple is always a pain. With Google you just have to change your address same applies with Xbox so unless you are a puritan the “problem” is easily fixable.