The Geotel G1 from TomTop is a perfect phone for the Zimbabwean market

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Geotel’s G1 reminds one of the Nokia 1100. It is in essence what an Android Nokia phone ought to have been. At $ 89.99 from Tomtop a Chinese online shop it is  cheap, it comes with a massive battery that would last for days, a main camera that takes decent photos and when you drop it, you can pick it up and continue with your phone conversation as if nothing happened.

Who and what is Tomtop?

When it comes to online shopping and China the buyer is always spoilt for choice as there are many stores. Tomtop is one of those many stores but it isn’t just another store. They are among the top 3 cross border e-commerce sellers in China, have been involved in the E-Commerce game for 13 years and have numerous awards from Aliexpress, Amazon and Ebay to show for it.

Now that “Zimbabwe is officially open for business” the country and region as a whole is in their sights.

The G1 ticks all the boxes

Despite its entry level pricing the G1 packs a punch. This is a rugged phone which means it’s designed to withstand extreme handling. The casing is made out of a metal alloy that is encased in rubber making the phone drop resistant. The screen is also covered with a protective material thus making it scratch resistant.

All this comes with a 5 inch screen and a massive 7500mAh battery that comes with 27 hours of call time and up to 32 hours of music time. The battery goes from 0-100% in about 4 hours and can last for days under normal usage conditions. The phone also has 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM. Here is a table of the specifications:

ColourBlack, Orange
Network3G WCDMA
OSAndroid Nougat 7.0
Screen5.0″HD LCD (1280*720)
CameraMain Camera 8.0MP
Secondary Camera: 2.0MP
OtherProximity sensor, 3.5mm ear phone jack, powerbank function, micro-usb charger, up to 32GB external memory, GPS and FM radio

Price and how to buy the phone

As already pointed out the phone currently costs $89.99 on Tomtop. To buy you simply need to visit the site, click on add to cart, create an account during the check out process, shipping to Zimbabwe costs $10.94 which will be factored into the cost once you enter your address. You can pay using PayPal, Visa or MasterCard. Delivery takes 20-30 days which is faster than most stores.

NB Once the phone arrives at your local Post Office you will be required to pay import duty on it. These can be paid using Eocash or other local forms of payment.



  1. Nyasha

    How much is the import duty charge at the post office?

  2. Garikai Dzoma

    ZIMRA levies duty of 25% on cellphones.

  3. Sagitarr

    The final cost of this phone is about $125.00.

    1. Garikai Dzoma

      That’s about right although it will be still cheaper than local examples with similar specs plus this is a rugged phone made for rough handling.

  4. Edward Ngwenya

    I want to try it

    1. Garikai Dzoma

      You can order it from Tomtop by following the links above