How Do Financial Markets Work? Most Of Us Need To Know This, Here’s A Good Place To Do So

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MEFMI, the Macroeconomic and Financial Management Institute of Eastern and Southern Africa is running a course on the 26th and 27th of February and you must attend it. Techzim will definitely attend. Here’s why:

We Experienced A MEFMI Training Before

Last year a good number of our team (I think six people) attended a MEFMI course on capital markets and we loved it. Let me be more honest, they loved it. I was not there but I have lived to regret it. I regret that I didn’t go and I regret that they went because they never stop talking about how the course was so helpful and some of them now call themselves Equities Analysts just from the blue…

I am being serious, if the feedback from my colleagues is anything to go by then I highly recommend that you attend this course. I was made to believe so much that I struck a deal to publicise this event in exchange for being allowed to send more team mates than Techzim can afford right now. Ndakabhilivhiswa.

Financial Intelligence Is Super Important

I have shared before my experiences as a novice investor on the ZSE. I am convinced the only way out of the cycle of poverty that many of us on the continent find ourselves in is knowledge particularly knowledge about the ‘system.’ Yes, we may one day disrupt the financial markets etc but we can only do so when we understand how they work in the first place.

It’s a no brainer that from whatever level we find ourselves we need to spend less than we earn and save/invest the rest. In fact, the only way we can do this is to practice spending what is left after saving instead of saving what’s left after spending. The latter doesn’t work for the same reason that new year’s resolutions don’t work.

Now you can’t just start calling yourself an investor. You gotta learn what it’s all about and how to play that game. MEFMI is a great place to start from what my team tells me.

You May Need The Training For Your Job And Career

MEFMI says these are the people that may find the greatest value out of this training:

Junior and new entrants working as Foreign Exchange
and Money Market Dealers, Back Office and Operations
Professionals in Investment, Commercial Banks and
Central Banks.
Auditors, Regulators, ICT and Finance Professionals,
Compliance Officers in financial institutions and
Financial journalists.

You better tell your boss to pay the $330 that you need to attend. We are making it easy for you to register: here’s the form.

This is just the first of many MEFMI courses this year. We will let you know about all of them and attend all of them too. In the meantime here is the registration form once more.

See you on the 26th


  1. Trader X

    I don’t know about Zimbabwean stocks, but I am a very profitable Forex Trader, and I am making good money (Dont tell Zimra). Many people do not realize how us a Zimbabweans have so many untapped sources of the precious green paper. The levels of education of the ordinary guy on Zimbabwean streets is already academicaly equiped to challange some monet making concepts.

    1. Trader X

      apologies for all typos. Apparently techzim isn’t the only body that need proof-reading!

      1. the Gecko

        hahahaha, good one

      2. Tinashe Nyahasha

        Hahaha… OK!

    2. Tinashe Nyahasha

      Yea, I recently met someone who told me how much forex trading they were doing. I didn’t realise! They even told me they know of a community of 7000 Zimbos who are trading currencies
      PS We don’t mean the roadport type thing… And yea the MEFMI course includes forex trading as well

  2. @RMalunda

    I guess the venue is Harare? please make them arrange something for koBulawayo as well. thank you!

    1. Tinashe Nyahasha

      I will pass on the message!