Big Sister: Zim’s Spin On Big Brother

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar

If you used to watch Big Brother Africa then you might be excited to know that Channel Yedu, a local production company is bringing a local version of the reality show, Big Sister.

Channel Yedu’s project manager Chelsea Travers made it clear that the show will have a similar rule set to Big Brother Africa. There will be 30 house-mates and one winner who will walk away with $25k. The show will be hosted in Glen-Lorne, Harare from June to mid-July and the preparations for the reality show are at an advanced stage.

It’s not yet clear if a woman will be watching over the house but I do think it will be a bit refreshing if it turns out that way. Travers informed the Herald that the show is called Big Sister because they wanted the feminine touch to be the main thread line in most episodes. I’m not really sure what this means but I guess we’ll get to know once more information is disclosed. Traverse did hasten to say the show is not only for women.

Big Sister will air online but then ZBC will have access to highlights. There are no details on how to apply yet. There will be more information at the Big Sister launch party in May.


  1. Da Marv

    Big Brother means something; as in constant surveillance but big sister does not mean anything, so already thats a faux pas. With the way zimboz are conservative and mindful that their relatives will be watching, i doubt it will be anything to look forward to.

  2. wokenman

    Hapana chinobuda – I’m calling it NOW. Come see me in July.

  3. Oppah

    Wow… we patiently await it

  4. mandlo

    i guess they shld air it on open view if they are afraid of dstv coz who wld watch it online 24/7