ZOL Is Now Available In Warren Park And Here Are The Packages (Exclusive To Warren Park)

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Remember the cheetah that you saw in Warren Park? Well… see the title and do the math.

In case you missed the video that was circulating on social media, apparently a cheetah was spotted in Warren Park. The video showed two guys in car who had “spotted a cheetah” and decided to record it. You can also view it below from the ZimEye Facebook page.

I’m pretty sure it caused a scare but guess what? It was all a ZOL Fibroniks campaign. ZOL Fibroniks commonly known as just ZOL is the Internet Service Provider (ISP) whose ad campaigns are characterised by a cheetah – A cheetah representing their fast fibre optic broadband speeds; with speeds of up to 100MB/s. 

Therefore, this video was meant to signify the presence of ZOL in Warren Park. While some call it going too far, I think it was brilliant! Maybe that’s twisted but I gladly accept the title right now. The video drew the attention of a lot of people, and that’s the whole point of advertising right? – drawing the attention of people.

Anyway enough about the ad, let’s talk about the packages.

Unlike the rest of the ZOL Fibroniks packages which start at $29 for 25Gig, the Warren Park packages start at $5 and these are called ZOOM packages. The ZOOM packages are as follows:

ZOOM $5 – 2GB + 1GB FREE (valid for 7 days)

ZOOM $10 – 5GB + 2GB FREE (valid for 14 Days)

ZOOM $19 – 10GB + 3GB FREE (valid for 21 Days); and

ZOOM $29 – 25GB + 5GB FREE (valid for 30 Days)

Not only is the Warren Park service differently packaged, it also has a different Top Up plan.

So with any other ZOL Fibroniks service, depleting your internet bundle before the month ends is a nightmare since the Top Up charges are much more expensive. For example, if you want 25 Gigs more (which cost $29 for the initial purchase) you’d have to pay $40 which will however be valid for 90 days. But, if on the Warren Park package, you can still get a 25Gig Top Up for $29 only (I say only only because I’m comparing it to other ZOL packages).

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  1. moomish

    The background audio advertising some Telecel Zimbabwe product- I don’t know if it was also part of the advert?