[Video] Steward Bank Kwenga POS Machine Live Demo

Edwin Chabuka Avatar
kwenga pos

Kwenga is a service from Steward Bank providing POS machines to the masses. There are 2 POS devices, one is around $200 and the other is $35.



  1. ismail youcef

    thank you for that info…i link two connections with dispatch – socks 5 — ..and get almost 512kb/s

  2. merlyn

    what is the difference between the small and big gadget, other than the price of course?

  3. JamesM

    Does anyone know if the one for $200 bucks is any better than the one Steward bank is offering? I can envision both devices running either a copy of Android or Linux operating system. But unlike a smart phone I don’t believe they come with any of the of the app goodies one finds on a smart phone. Maybe the $200 device version has all those apps, does it? What really sets it apart?

  4. Alisa

    the small one is ideal for SMEs regarding the cost. any features performed by the big gadget can be well executed on the Android devices owned by SMEs themselves like the samsung phone in the vide.