Strive Masiyiwa Goes To Hollywood To Acquire Some Content For Kwesé TV

Trycolyn Pikirayi Avatar

Is this the part where we say watch out DStv?

On a post on social media, Strive Masiyiwa (founder and Executive Chairman of Econet Global) mentioned how he was on his way to Los Angeles to sign some content deals for Kwesé TV.

I’m sure by now you know what Kwesé is, I mean with all that BAZ-Kwese and now Dr Dish-Kwese drama, who wouldn’t? However, in case you for some weird reason don’t, Kwese is a brand of Econet Media Limited, the media arm of Econet and has been making waves in the media industry – whether because it’s a “Zimbabwean brainchild”; or because it’s competition to the monopoly DStv in Zimbabwe; or simply because it’s more convenient to pay for (since DStv wont accept bond notes), the bottom line is people are flocking towards it.

However, despite all this, some have been adamant about not leaving DStv, main reason being content. Content, content and content. I mean after all, entertainment really has to do with content. Kwese, obviously as a relatively new kid on the block has nothing on DStv in terms of content especially in sports and by sports I mean soccer. However, it seems they are stopping at nothing to acquire more.

Now, Strive is flying to the home of blockbuster movies, Hollywood to sign some partnerships for Kwese TV. Here’s what he said:

I’m on my way to LA [home of Hollywood] next week and Silicon Valley [home of tech giants] all next week. Taking my top guys. We are going to sign some blockbuster partnerships for Kwese TV that have been in the works for months.
It’s time to take this game to a new level!
You know I don’t get excited easily…but I’m excited, very excited.

Of course this is quite exciting for us but remember Kwese TV prides in being a pan African media company, which means we are right to expect more of African content from it. I remember when Kwese first entered the scene people (beyond anything else) saw employment creation particularly in the entertainment industry.

People, Zimbabweans especially (not too sure about other African countries) were excited to know that finally, local content and/or the local film and entertainment industry had a chance to shine. Well, I don’t know what such trips then mean for local content but then again, at this stage (where Kwese still has a lot of capacity) we cannot really say these mutually exclusive. We still can get both.


  1. Tendai Maguwu

    It’s great when brands respond to customer concerns but I think Strive should be making more forays into African countries for content. Content should not just mean entertainment/movies but other Africa-relevant content such as business and how other Africans are starting from where they are with what they have to start and grow their businesses and sustain their families.

  2. Sagitarr

    I think EW are trying their best. What is missing, in my view, is quality local content which can compete with what is available. I am sure two or so additional private TV channels would make a huge difference to most viewers.

  3. JamesM

    Shouldn’t Strive be flying to the British capital instead, even German and the Spanish capitals and try to quest the thirst of EPL and La Liga viewers. The day Kwese is able to broadcast EPL and La Liga games on par or close to DSTV, is the day DSTV closes up shop in Zim for good. The channels they have started with are competitive as it is, and their documentaries or doc stories actually beat DSTV ones in my opinion.

    1. Anonymous_Too

      Not a football fan personally.

      Getting rights to broadcast EPL and La Liga games would be a fantastic idea for Kwese.

      However, DStv has *EXCLUSIVE* broadcasting rights to EPL and La Liga for our geographical region. That means the institutions that sell the rights couldn’t sell broadcasting rights to Kwese even if they wanted to! They’re under contract to strictly only allow DStv to broadcast their games in our region and no one else for the the being.

      1. JamesM

        I look forward to the end of this exclusivity. It was under legal challenge not too long ago not sure what the status is now. It smacks of serious cronyism and unbridled greed. Imagine if other content providers on pay tv channels had such exclusive entanglements!

      2. Anonymous

        you are 200% correctly Mr Strive must acquire tv rights for LaLiga , Full EPL , Bundesliga ,serie A Italy , France ligue 1 , Emirates FA cup ,UEFA champions league and all CAF tournaments and leagues.In africa we wait everybody to have a chance in tv rights ,I hurt the exclusive tv rights because it promotes monopoly to tv industry.

  4. Vincent Chidamahiya

    That’s good becouse DSTV won’t have any competition

  5. james

    like we watch soccer for 7 days. please get real tv is not soccer. soccer is mostly weekends look at the big picture. soccer people are just noisy

    1. Sagitarr

      Some games are played during the week especially evenings. If one works regular hours (8am-5pm) one hardly watches much daytime TV anyway…there is variety on DStv to cater for all types of sports and movies and all tastes the limiting factor being the hours in a day. Those who like soccer cannot be fully catered for by the current Kwese offering and you can’t bully them. Can you share with us your “big picture”???

  6. fortune

    i will not despise humble beginnings… western entertainment `movies sector` mhmm kinda diluting good african morals. good thing tho what he is doing