Slide & Smash: This Little Game By A Local Developer Is A Neat Time Waster

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Slide & Smash

Who has not been stuck in a queue and whipped out their phone to tinker with, only to find that there is below par network service. Or maybe you just don’t feel particularly social at that moment but are bored stiff.

That’s when those light little games like the cult favourite Candy Crush Saga shine. When there is time and boredom to kill and socialization is not possible or preferred, you want something to occupy you that you can drop in an instant and not get anxiety.

I say anxiety because you cannot just drop a game of FIFA for example, mid-game and carry on with your life like nothing happened. If your turn came and you were losing 2-1 with 8 minutes to go I guarantee that you would let the person behind you go first, which is not what you are looking for.

The other factor is battery life. You want a game that won’t deplete your battery in the few minutes that you fool around with it. FIFA will give you low battery anxiety, guaranteed.

A local game developer who gave us Babu not too long ago is back with another game for the scenarios we outlined above. His name is Gerald Gombiro of 2.0 Games and he has brought us:

Slide & Smash

The object is to match gummies to similarly coloured sides in order to crush them. It’s as simple as that, or so you think when you start playing.

There are four colours, one on every side of a square and gummies appear in the centre of that 4*4 grid. You just slide a gummy towards a like coloured side and it is crushed.

Smashing multiple gummies gives bonuses and special gummies.

Slide & Smash can be enjoyed offline, just like you would expect from a Zimbabwean developer who knows the data struggles we face in this country.

I’m going to be honest with you, I like this little game. It has that frustrating difficulty which makes it so that a single game won’t go on for more than three minutes. By then you will have wrong coloured gummies blocking the other gummies.

You know that feeling you get when you feel a game is not being fair and you feel like exiting out the game but somehow are not able to? This game has that. You will be trapped into that, ‘I know where I got it wrong, one more play should be enough.’ One more has no end though but you forget this.

You will not be blown away by Slide & Smash’s graphics or soundtrack but the gameplay is easy to understand and the game is fun to play so you won’t mind.

Give it a try if you can, it is free after all. Expect the odd ad here and there, developers have to eat you know.


  1. Mbonisi Mtunzi (GeekBro)

    Thumbs Up To Gerald Gombiro for being one of … developers to bring out a game of his own creation

  2. Elder L

    Well done 2.0!