Wanna make some bucks? Africom Is Looking For On Demand Broadband Installers

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In case you missed it, Africom is looking for broadband installers to install broadband wireless internet in Harare, Chitungwiza, Norton and Mutare. Africom seems to be adopting the Kwese’s model of satelite tv installation. Instead of employing full time employees to install their dishes, they outsource (aka technites).

Here’s the Africom ad in more detail.


Africom is looking for Broadband Installers to OUTSOURCE on demand, for the installation of broadband wireless Internet in Harare, Chitungwiza, Norton and Mutare.

Skills & Experience Requirements

A successful broadband installer will have the following:

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

• High energy, resourcefulness, and strong multi-tasking skills

• Basic computer skills are a must.

• Strong customer service skills – must be friendly and approachable and motivated.

• Candidate must have a strong work ethic and a high degree of integrity.

• Must be willing to work flexible schedules including weekends, holidays and evenings.

• Must have own vehicle able to carry 6 meter long poles

• Must have own tools i.e Drill, ladder, spanners, screw drivers

• Must have own Laptop

If you meet the above requirements please email installer@afri-com.net by Monday the 25th of December.


  1. emos justus

    can one apply from a different country? i.e Kenya?

    1. @ad_maku