[Video] Steward bank is calling for you software engineers out there to join their freelance team

Edwin Chabuka Avatar

So maybe you are chilling at home looking for the next hustle. The Internet has married you with a couple of neat skills maybe as an app developer, coder, software engineer. Well here is Steward Bank with a freelance gig for you. Interested? Sign up  here!


  1. Ronald

    How long does it take to get a reply?, because i applied and I am still waiting for any form of acknowledgement. I am quite eager to put my skills to the table to help my country catch up with the world.

    1. Bornwell Matembudze

      Accidentally stumbled upon mine today, it was flagged as promotional material by Gmail, you might want to check there as well

      1. Ronald

        I have checked and I am quite sure there is nothing at the moment.

  2. TheKing

    Is there any specific skillset they are looking for in particular? E.g Java, .NET e.t.c