Press Release: A Way For Diaspora To Pay Mortgage Bills In Zimbabwe

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If you’re in the diaspora, how hard has it been to buy or build a house back in Zimbabwe? Here’s a proposed solution by ZymPay in collaboration with CABS.

Read below the press release from ZymPay that talks about the new patnership.

ZymPay and CABS bring a revolutionary solution to the current inconvenient method of paying your mortgage bills.

London, UK – December 2017 – Cross border bill payment business ZymPay has entered in a strategic partnership with CABS ( Largest Mortgage Bank and part of Old Mutual Group) in Zimbabwe to facilitate payments from their diaspora mortgage customers.

Now mortgage customers with CABS can pay in just a few clicks, using their regular bank debit card (direct debit soon) without the inconveniences of money transfers, local deposits or payments into other banks to get it to Zimbabwe. Fees are on a sliding scale but capped and far better value than making a bank transfer. Plus, ZymPay provides competitive and fair exchange rates too.

With this new system, using ZymPay, the minute you pay online, you get an instant notification of your order and your transaction account at CABS in Zimbabwe is credited within 24 hours and you’ll get a receipt by email.

ZymPay Chairman and CEO, Dakshesh Patel has this to say, “This strategic partnership with CABS has simplified the process of mortgage payments in Zimbabwe. It is endorsed by CABS, making it the go-to solution for mortgage payments for CABS customers and Zimbabweans everywhere.”

This service is for CABS mortgage customers in the United Kingdom, Europe and Switzerland. Other countries will follow in due course.


How you benefit by paying your CABS mortgage with ZymPay:

  • No money transfers
  • No swipe costs or mobile wallet charges
  • Lower costs than bank transfers
  • Competitive exchange rate
  • Immediate notification of payment receipt
  • Credit to CABS account within 24 hours
  • Secure. Quick.
  • CABS endorsed partnership with ZymPay provides you security and authenticity


About ZymPay 

Headquartered in London, ZymPay facilitates the cross-border payment of bills end-to-end. Through digital innovation, ZymPay delivers value for senders and their beneficiaries. ZymPay’s digital services also enable institutional partners to reach their diaspora customers in managing their cross-border collections for their products and services. ZymPay already operate this type of service for Insurance Groups like Zimnat Sanlam and Madison Life. ZymPay also partners with other groups such as Gain Cash and Carry, Apollo Hospitals Group and many other service providers in four countries.


About CABS

CABS is an established strong brand in the financial services market in Zimbabwe. The Society offers a diverse range of financial products and services which include transaction and savings accounts, mobile banking, mortgage loans, money market investments, terms deposits and payroll loans. These are developed through the largest branch network in the country which is linked to the CABS online, real-time banking system.


For further information and interviews please contact: 

Nicholas Ricketts 

+44 (0) 2382 146637

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Twitter – @Zympay


  1. MacdChip

    Its not hard at all, l just do not do it! Until all the greedy and quick money making mentality ends, mine l will keep it where l am

    1. hggcf

      wel ou will miss out on the returns of I’m real estate. someontook a leap bought a stand for 18000 in 2012 and in 2015 others like it where going for 36000 currently they are priced at 50000. ( the area is now built up and fully serviced). by to be honest its easier to just burn the money and deposit Into you Zim bank account.