Hey Mobile Network Give Me Back My Dollar, I Am Serious.

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So my colleague shared what they did when the internet went off yesterday and they asked all of us to share in the comments what we did. In the confusion following the re-connection and trying to investigate what really happened (we are still probing at this: dog to bone), I forgot what I did soon after lights went out (connectivity is as good as light for us).

I only got reminded what I did soon after I realised I had lost connection just a few minutes ago. I got reminded by my mobile network service provider. As much as I am dying to say who that is, I can’t because I do not want to disclose who my service provider is. They know themselves.

Th first thing I did after the lights went dark was of course to shout because the sudden interruption cost me an hour’s work which was unsaved. Yea some funny platforms do not do a good job of auto-saving. After shouting and calling the WiFi service provider and being told of a key platform failure and the cliche ‘any inconvenience caused is sincerely regretted’, I did the next logical thing. I bought a daily mobile data bundle so I could tether my laptop.

Alas, the mobile network was down too. I quickly forgot about the dollar I had just spent and concentrated on doing what Techzim does, to investigate what the hell was going on. Trust me we heard all kinds of stories. I didn’t remember at all that I had spent my dollar until a few minutes ago when the MNO sent me a message to say my data bundle had expired!

Hang on, what? They knew they were not offering service for most of the work day yesterday and they still want me to pay for data I never consumed? In the words of the now infamous former first lady, “STOP IT!” The least they can do is to look at what data anyone has used and deplete that. They can surely forgo my dollar just to show good faith and the sincerity of their apology. I definitely lost more than a dollar yesterday.

I didn’t use any of the data I bought because as soon as lights came back on, it was WiFi all the way. I want my dollar back! The fibre and other fixed internet providers should also extend the expiry dates on their clients’ monthly contracts by a day this month. It’s just the sincere thing to do otherwise their apologies are not apologies.


  1. Anonymous

    i totally i agree. well im not shy to say who my mobile service provider is…ECONET, bring back my dollar.

    1. Tinashe Nyahasha

      I am sshh…

  2. Anonymous

    Exactly I want my $ how can they just take my money and provide no service.

  3. Justin Mupinda

    I totally agree with your sentiments.
    There is need for the customer to be king and for quality service provision. BOTH are missing in this case. I can’t recall the year, but on a trip to SA, the network service went down for about an hour. The provider put in airtime after that!

    1. Tinashe Nyahasha

      Really?? Just an hour, we are taken for granted are we not?

      1. Anonymous

        we certainly are!

  4. Phoenix

    Especially Econet, they need to take us seriously. Their social media guys on Twitter on Facebook just keep on getting polite in us, but that dont work i need my bundle back.

  5. Situpeti

    Get a life! Nxa! Go read the T’s n C’s

    1. Tinashe Nyahasha

      Hahaha I plan on getting a life hangu BUT reducing customer experience to T’s and C’s is typical third world thinking which we must get rid of if we want to compete