Essential Uses of VPN That Will Make Your Life Hassle-Free

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VPN (Virtual Private Network) has long been used by the netizens to ensure the internet privacy.

VPN providers offer a level of privacy for internet users that they cannot obtain from anywhere else. The VPN software creates a digital tunnel through which your connection is routed, avoiding spy eyes from seeing it.

Your connection is routed through remote servers and masks your IP address, often applying additional encryption and other security features that makes it virtually impossible for unwanted third parties to identify you, your connection and/or your device.

There are numbers of perks that you can avail by using a VPN and here are some of the critical uses of VPNs:

Access YouTube and Other Streaming Sites without Compromising the Internet Speed.

YouTube and Netflix are the most used streaming sites today. Reportedly, Netflix was attracting as much as 37% of the overall internet traffic and the number has increased in the last year.

Netflix has a lot to offer that several Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will regulate the connection speed in order to reduce the usage. The issues with regulating the connection speed is so compelling that Netflix has its own ISP Speed Index that you can use to check the performance of your internet connection globally.

If you are eager to watch YouTube and other streaming sites without facing these hassles, buffering and other obstacles a good VPN is your answer.


Enjoy Free Streaming TV Anywhere Around the Globe.

Netflix has improved the way we watch TV. It has nearly all TV channels around the world that offers free TV streaming on their websites. It means that you can watch all the original programming from ABC, Discovery Channel, National Geography and the BBC on your device.

However, the only restriction is that viewer must be located in the country of its origin. To prevent this restriction all you need is a good VPN. VPN routes your IP address to make it appear that you are located in a different country. This way you need a US IP if you want to watch Discovery or History Channel, and a UK IP to watch BBC etc,.

VPN providers contains servers in different locations around the world that allow users to pick a server at will where their IP address is located.


Unlock Geo-Restricted Content.

Another great use of a VPN is Unblocking Geo-Restricted Content. Web Giants like Netflix and Hulu are stuffed with content that is sometimes restricted due to copyright laws or censorship, and also have different content libraries for different nations. The content provider may be available in your region but it doesn’t mean that you have full content available on your list.

The main purpose of Geo-blocking is due to licensing agreements and the price discrimination, as the price of the content is different for a viewer and provider than it is for another user. VPN can easily overcome this problem with the server in the country of origin, which makes you appear to be located there too. However, smart content providers are vigorously blocking VPN’s so that the restrictions cannot be evaded.


Hide Your Real Location Whenever It’s Important.

There comes a time when you are away from home, and it is beneficial to hide your real location. When you are on vacation with your family, and you don’t want your employer, co-worker or even potential thieves to peep into your personal life. Thieves often target people on vacation as potential victims. You can prevent such incidents by using a VPN and using the best practices to protect your location data. All you need to do is choose a server located in your home country or wherever you want people to consider where you are located.



By now, it is obvious the advantages of using a VPN. In this digital era, where you can be restricted from enjoying what you love because you’re in a different geographic region, VPNs help you navigate content with less hassles.

By using a VPN, you can navigate through different servers around the world and enjoy the content from different regions. There are dozens of best VPN service providers, but like everything in life, not all are the same. You need to be wise enough to opt for the best service that has the best price for you.


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