DStv To No Longer Broadcast Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League…

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In terms of entertainment in Zimbabwe, DStv is (or was) quite big, chiefly because we have/had very little options. ZBC tv did that to us. Not only do we have one national channel, but the national channel is terrible! Repeats, propaganda, poor quality and it goes on and on.

So eventually, people had enough and moved on… to DStv (that’s after we were cut off from the free South African channels).

One of the many reasons why people love DStv, besides it having being somewhat of our hero, is sports. DStv’s SuperSport has a number of broadcasting rights for various sporting disciplines including soccer or shall I say especially soccer. SuperSport has the broadcasting rights for the biggest soccer league i.e. the English Premier League (EPL).

However, now one of those soccer broadcasting rights has expired. The 5 year contract between DStv’s SuperSport and Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League (PSL) has lapsed. Therefore, PSL has invited interested broadcasters to submit their bids for the league.

Question is: does this affect the uptake of DStv in Zimbabwe in a significant way???

Already at the moment, DStv’s reign as the entertainment king is under threat for two main reasons; i. DStv payments haven’t been made easy and ii. Kwese has come into the picture.

The first reason which is the biggest one really is DStv payments cannot be made using bond notes.  According to Multichoice Zimbabwe, payments are not received locally, and because bond notes are not recognised internationally, we basically can’t pay for DStv. But, if you have USD (which has become a currency for the rich) then you have no issues.

The second reason which is Kwese’s arrival into the scene is actually mostly hinged on the first reason; well, unless of course you’re patriotic or are a Strive Masiyiwa fan – I say that because at the moment, in terms of content, Kwese has nothing on DStv. That could change in future but for now Kwese is still a new kid on the block and it really wouldn’t be fair for us to compare its content to that of DStv.


  1. Senator Tutu

    Title yacho nezviri mukati menyaya yacho hazvienderane ndikutoti pamwee ma rights acho atopihwa Kwese kaa manditsotsa

  2. MacdChip

    Kuipa kwechimwe kunaka kwechimwe!!

  3. TheKing

    I believe we have 2 TV channels in Zim

  4. Nyasha

    We love kwese so much bt the only thing why most people are running away from it is the issue of Epl. Most people enjoy watching Epl football .so we are now finding it hard to subscribe for the two ie Dstv and kwese.We want to support our on .So Kwese Tv plz do something to bring Epl on your screens.

  5. Current

    Guys give Kwese time. Broadcast rights are very expensive and the current epl rights that SuperSport have expire in 2022 saka pakaipa unless they can get something specically for the Zim territority of which tirivashoma the money will not be enough. But in a few years time you will all be running to Kwese.

  6. truth

    dstv already has the rights. They.expire in 2022.Sha who does yr research and writes yr articles. Lets not write for the sake of writing. Thanks

    1. Trycolyn Pikirayi
  7. truth

    by december 8 supersport already had the rights so sha do your research. they just havent made official statements. this is not like selling air time or mabanana for $1. they will market the news in due time. thanks