These Are The Apps I Couldn’t Do Without In 2017

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Phone screen showing social media apps

We have Apple to thank for the current app lifestyle we have. That is despite the Android Market coming before Apple’s App Store. The iPhone made it so that everyone was talking about the best app, the coolest new app and so on.

Smartphones made it seem like apps only came about with this current crop of smartphone OSs. So focused was the conversation around apps that we forgot that we already downloaded apps on our old Windows computers.

In recent years however, people have not been downloading apps as they did back when Android and iOS where still finding their feet. People hardly talk about apps anymore and that is because people now have their favourites and stick to those.

In the US, they found out that over 50% of people do not download a single app in a calendar year. They usually just get their favourites when setting up new phones and that is it until they dispose of those phones.

I am not one of those people. I try out new apps regularly. Granted not as much as I used to but we are still talking like at least one app per week here. I do have favourites like everyone else which are first onto a new phone though.
Because I try out new apps regularly I am constantly adding new apps to my favourites and also replacing some or just plain removing some from that priviledged group. Let me share the apps I can’t do without.

Messaging – WhatsApp, Messenger

The primary reason we have smartphones is to stay in contact with friends and family. That’s not my primary reason. Mine is to actually escape from those friends and family but you cannot live in Zimbabwe and not have WhatsApp.
Truth is my favourite messaging app is Google’s Allo but I know I’m not going to make the whole of Zimbabwe switch from WhatsApp. Messenger is also one you just have to have whether you like it or not. I’m not a fan of it either.

Social – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

You kind of have to be on Facebook so it stays installed. I’ve used a couple of alternative third party apps trying to run away from the official Facebook app but I keep returning for some small reason or another.

Twitter is my jam though. I love that little app. I could get lost in that app for hours on end. Instagram is a close second. To enjoy these two apps you have to know who to follow. Once you do that they will become indispensable.

Email – Inbox

I’ve been using Inbox ever since it came out. Recently the app introduced some new feature to help manage your email inbox which requires you to be lazy. This app is a go.


I use the Holy Bible by YouVersion. This app is one of the first ones I install when setting up a phone. It is the best one out there, period.

Music – Spotify, Genius, Shazam

I have a large music collection but ever since I really got into Spotify I haven’t been adding to that collection. Spotify has most of the jams I rock to. Their algorithms are so good I hardly ever skip any song they suggest I might like. Spotify has become a staple for me mostly because I get to discover new music.

I love analyzing music lyrics and Genius is the go to platform for that. I also Shazam like everybody else.


I am a huge sports fan and to stay up to date I use theScore, PL, MUFC M.E.N and Onefootball. I follow multiple sports and theScore is perfect for that. I’m not a gambler so I don’t know if it’s any good if you follow obscure football leagues around the world. Onefootball would better serve you there and it also curates news for you depending on what you like.


I use both Google Maps and MAPS.ME (for when I don’t have data, it’s probably the best offline maps app out there.) Talking about data, to save some I use Datally (formerly Triangle.) I used to use Opera Max but the Google developed Datally is simpler and better and besides Opera Max is being shut down.

Gallery for Reddit covers my meme needs and is helped out by Imgur and 9gag. Talking about fun, at any point in time there will be at least five games on my phone, useful for those hours spent in queues and waiting on late acquaintances.

Also installed is the EcoCash app and my bank’s app. Nothing interesting about these, they are necessities.
What about you? Which apps are absolute must haves for you? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Ads ads everything

    Any ad blockers… They are really the Main source of data loss and they just increasing by the day

    1. Leonard Sengere

      I live the ad life these days. I just let them show me the ads as support for the sites I frequent. I don’t know the good ones currently.

  2. Anonymous

    Do Launchers count? Bought Nova Launcher Prime when the Ecocash debit card was still a thing and never looked back since. Also:-
    1.Google Keep – Note taking made easy, esp if you alternate a lot between a work PC, your phone, and a home PC.
    2.Samsung Internet (comes with Samsung devices but downloadable form the Play Store. Pulled me from a lifetime romance with Chrome)
    3.All In One Gestures – Took me ages to fine tune but can’t do without. I think the iPhone X guys saw me using it, envied me, and copied it into their device. Gestures make navigating your device a breeze.
    4. Adaptive Rotation Lock – If you fell like pulling your hair out at small annoyances, like me. Let’s you decide when to change your screen orientation in a simple, fast, elegant and clever way.
    5. Greenify – Everyone says it improves your battery life so I installed it.

    1. Leonard Sengere

      You my friend have a phone set up similar to mine.
      Google Keep is an ever present on my phone.
      Samsung Internet is so much better than Chrome and I don’t even remember when I last used Chrome for Android.
      Nova Launcher Prime I bought about 4 years ago. It’s not a phone if it doesn’t have Nova. I’m currently trying out Microsoft Launcher, my guy, it is crazy good. Like so good I could actually switch.
      Greenify I have used before but I just don’t bother installing anymore.
      Those other little apps you mentioned are sweet in that they serve your particular needs. You might like Rocker Locker, it makes sure whenever you press the volume buttons it is media volume you control. Not ringer volume which is the default but is hardly adjusted.

  3. Ash

    Suggest Pinterest and Quora you people