6 Tricks to Try Out When Using Metatrader 4 Platform

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Most traders are keen to explore the MetaTrader 4 platform. We will just explore ways to use this platform more effectively.

Drag the Position of Your Choice on The Chart

If you are keen to look at the trades once the day is over, then you should visit the “Account History” section in the terminal panel. Find the position that interests you and drag it on to your chart. This way you can easily view the entry, the target, exit market data and the stop loss.
When you follow this process, then it also becomes easy for you to check out if anything went wrong with your trades.

Create Backup for Chart Data

There are times when you end up deleting all the data from your MetaTrader 4 chart. In this situation, you should create a template chart. For creating a template, you need to create a new chart. Press F8 for opening the settings. Make sure that you save the template in the Charts Menu.
Save the template by the name which is easy to remember. Whenever you need to view, the template visits the Charts Menu and select the specific template.

Cutting Down the Traffic from The Screen

If you feel the need to cut down the traffic from the screen when using MetaTrader 4, then this is not an impossible endeavour. For example, you do not require symbols of currencies and newsfeed when you trade.
It is quite easy to remove the newsfeed. You will need to visit the Tools section for this purpose. Select Options from the Tools menu and simply uncheck Enable Newsfeed.

Adding Text Explanations to The Graphs

Do you feel that you need text explanations from graphs? Well, the insert menu of MetaTrader 4 offers you this facility. Go to the Insert Menu and visit Insert Text option. Whenever you feel the need to write, then just click on the place on the chart.
The dialogue window will open up on the screen. You can easily insert the text of your choice this way but make sure that you remember that the text has a volume limit.
When you want to insert a longer text, then you will have to click on the Insert Text option more than once.

Adding Indicators to Your Favourites

Do you need scripts and indicators often when using the MetaTrader 4 platform? Well, the best way to get easy access to these parameters is by adding them to your Favourites. For this go to the indicator and right-click the indicator with the mouse and select add to the favourites.

Using the One-Click Trading Option

Indulge in one-click trading because it reduces the time to place a trade. When you use the one-click trading mode, then the Buy or Sell bid will be selected with a single-click.
As a forex trader, you should spend a fair amount of time exploring MetaTrader 4 before trading. This way you will become familiar with the trading environment in no time. You should also download the economic calendar for viewing detailed news with ease.