Where is Baba Jukwa in all this?

Trycolyn Pikirayi Avatar

Everyone wants some scoop right now. We’re uneasy. We want to know what’s happening, we want to know what’s next and what the way forward is.

So far, it has been a roller coaster ride. Once you hear one thing be assured that you’re going to receive something else that contradicts the initial ‘update’…. and it’s exhausting!

We are at a very important period in our Zimbabwean history and we are so much invested in this, but because of the level of contradicting updates we’re kinda losing it. It’s at this time were we need credible sources, extra credible sources actually.

I know of one person (or not since it’s a ‘fictional character’) who took Zimbabwe by storm on Facebook by giving updates on Zim politics that were incredibly accurate, Baba Jukwa. For a while Baba Jukwa was a craze. He used to predict events and they’d happen. He was our inside informant and that’s exactly what we need right now.

See, we not only got reported events from that account but predictions and that was special. For a while Acie Lumumba tried to fit in those shoes but his credibility seems to still be questionable to most. I guess he still needs to post a little more posts that will prove true to gain the same trust Baba Jukwa had.

But then again, Baba Jukwa was (or is) an unknown character and that was his advantage. See if anyone else tries to do what Baba Jukwa did using their personal account, they are likely to face some persecution. Persecution not necessarily based on what they are saying but rather on  who they are as a person. It’s really hard to separate a person from their words hence the need to have an unknown fictional character. But guess what? Naturally we are not too quick to trust ‘unknown’ sources so it would take a lot of convincing from that fictional character to get us on board. And at this point, we don’t have that much time hence the need for Baba Jukwa himself!

I know you might be wondering why I’m asking about Baba Jukwa when he is around, but no, that’s not the Baba Jukwa we want. That Baba Jukwa 2018 is slow. Slow in that he is reporting things and things that we already know for that matter. We want to either stay ahead of things or have better insight or analysis on this matter which is what the real Baba Jukwa would be doing and we miss that.

Remember, social media does not conform to most of the limitations that traditional sources of news have. Therefore, yes, we do expect to have some kind of advantage over them…