How Do Telone’s New Broadband Packages Compare To The Competition, Cost Per GB

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So Telone revised their home broadband packages and we compared them to the old packages. Telone Fibre users benefit the most from the revision whilst for ADSL users have less to be excited about.

Now we wil look at how the new packages fare against the competition. We will look at the three other biggest Internet Access Providers (IAPs) in Zimbabwe, ZOL, Powertel and Dandemutande (uMAX)

Telone (ADSL/Fibre)

  • Home Basic – $15 (8GB download cap) – $1.88/GB
  • Home Plus – $25 (30GB download cap) – $0.83/GB
  • Home Premier – $42 (60GB download cap) – $0.7/GB
  • Infinity Pro -$89 (100GB download cap) – $0.89/GB
  • Intense – $120 (unlimited data)
  • Intense Extra – $200 (unlimited data) [Available to Fibre users only]


  • Fibroniks Lite – $29 (25GB download cap @5Mbps) – $1.16/GB
  • Fibroniks Basic Essentials – $39 (35GB download cap @5Mbps) – $1.14/GB
  • Fibroniks Family Essentials – $89 (75GB download cap @10Mbps) – $1.19/GB
  • Fibroniks Family Entertainment – $149 (unlimited data @20Mbps)
  • Fibroniks Modern Family – $199 (unlimited data @30Mbps)
  • Fibroniks Turbo Pack – $339 (unlimited data @100Mbps)

Powertel Fibre

Powertel does not offer general packages but tailor makes a package for each individual customer.

uMAX (WiMax)

  • musheMAX – $45 (15GB download cap @2Mbps) – $3/GB [You get 15GB free, usable from 0000hrs to 6am]
  • monthlyMAX – $75 (40GB download cap @3Mbps) – $1.88/GB [You get 40GB free, usable from 2200hrs to 6am]
  • skyMAX – $150 (150GB download cap @5Mbps)  – $1/GB [You get unlimited data from 2200hrs to 6am]

So let’s go over each of Telone’s packages and compare it to the competition. The comparison is made harder by the fact that Telone has not released information on the downloads speeds of their packages. We will update once that information is available.

Since Powertel have a unique model the comparison will be limited to Telone, ZOL and uMAX.

Home Basic – $15 (8GB cap)

Neither ZOL nor uMAX have a comparable package.

Home Plus – $25 (30GB cap) – If you run out you have two options to top up, $1 for 1GB valid for 24 hours or $5 for 5GB valid for 7 days

ZOL’s Fibroniks Lite costs more at $29 but offers less data at 25GB. You however can get 25GB more usable between 11pm and 6am for $6 more. Top up will run you $3 for 1GB or $5 for 3GB, all valid for 30 days.

uMAX does not have a comparable package price-wise

Home Premier – $42 (60GB cap) – If you run out you have two options to top up, $1 for 1GB valid for 24 hours or $5 for 5GB valid for 7 days

ZOL gives you 35GB for $39. That means that although it’s $3 cheaper you get 25GB less. You however have the option to get an additional 35GB for only $8. Top up will run you $3 for 1GB or $5 for 3GB, all valid for 30 days.

uMAX offers 15GB for $45 + 15GB free to use between 12 midnight and 6 am. This is a WiMax offering and is more expensive than the other two. Top up is at $3/GB.

Infinity Pro -$89 (100GB cap) – If you run out you have two options to top up, $1 for 1GB valid for 24 hours or $5 for 5GB valid for 7 days

ZOL’s $89 package offers 75GB and you can get an extra 75GB usable between 11 pm and 6 am for $16. Top up will run you $3 for 1GB or $5 for 3GB, all valid for 30 days.

uMAX offers 40GB + 40GB free but usable between 10 pm and 6 am. Top up is at $1.88/GB.

Intense – $120 (unlimited data)

ZOL’s cheapest unlimited data package costs $149. Again, it’s hard to draw conclusion from this since we do not know the download speeds Telone offers.

uMAX kind of offers unlimited data, it’s just from 10 pm to 6 am. uMAX’s skyMAX package costs $150 and offers 150GB and the mentioned unlimited data from 10 pm to 6 am. If you run out of the 150GB you can top up at $1/GB.

What have we learned?

Until we know the download speeds Telone offers it will be difficult to draw conclusions.

Also the fact that all the IAPs offer different packages with different features makes it difficult to compare. For example Telone’s Infinity Pro costs $89 and offers 100GB whilst ZOL offers 150GB for $105 but half of that is only usable at night. You draw what you want from that.

At one point uMAX used to be one of the few that could offer a reliable connection. Telone has come a long way and ZOL too offers reliable connections. The problem is that we usually get different experiences so if you have used different ISPs could you share your experience, which ISP is the most reliable?

Powertel is also in the mix with their custom packages. You also could look at Africom but as I said, we have all had different experiences and my Africom experience makes it hard for me to recommend it.


  1. moses

    why did you leave out onefi from netone?

  2. Slyvester McCarthy

    ZOL is just ridiculously expensive. I really hope that this new internet exchange point will bring these rates down “for real” as they said it would.

  3. surfer

    I think should also put Telco in the mix in your comparison

  4. Mnyix

    Wasn’t Infinity Pro $89 unlimited?

  5. gl

    PaInfinity Pro $89 package they have really f*cked us up.

  6. gloywe

    We are all f*cked

  7. pf

    one fi also compete

  8. Realistic

    Add one fi for comparison…. This is a chance for zol to pouch the 89 customers but they too expensive it’s unthinkable…I would think about a 50$ 60gb package… I’ve been with telone for many years I’ve been happy with their service but lately they’ve been doing the ball… It’s takes them agreed to fix a line when previously they could do in 48hrs even on weekends… Im loyal and I don’t like zol attitude so I’ll stay but my patience is running out

  9. Takunda Shamuyarira

    Telone has been okay for me because they are the cheapest and are fairly reliable. I can’t help but feel there is room for improvement for them. If only Zol could come close to or match ADSL prices, then I’d join them in a heartbeat.

  10. Lee

    I’m a Zol user and I love it, never had problems with it

  11. Observer too

    The download speeds for TelOne ADSL are written on the scratch cards.

  12. Eddie

    Telone fibre 120 is capped at 20Mbps, with 30-second burst speeds up to 30Mbps for some reason.

  13. trump II

    all being said, TelOne’s bundles are now running so quickly! mine used to last for a full month with a few downloads but this month I didn’t download a thing then it’s showing I’m ow left with 2GB? really?

  14. Brian Tau

    These are new speeds for ADSL
    Home Basic 2Mbps 8GB 15
    Home Plus 3Mbps 30GB 25
    Home Premier 5Mbps 60GB 42
    Infinity Pro Up to 8Mbps 100GB 89
    Intense Up to 20Mbps Unlimited 120