Here’s a chance to partner one of the fastest growing banks in Zimbabwe, Steward bank.

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Despite whatever banking problems Steward Bank has had in the past, their approach to things has been quite commendable and we acknowledged it right here.

Steward Bank came into the picture with a different approach to banking, instead of limiting banking to the ‘elite’ the bank targeted the low end, which happens to be the majority of Zimbabwe. This is exactly why mobile money is thriving in the country, because of its non-discriminative nature.

It is clear that this type of thinking, I mean the one that dares to take a different direction from the rest of its counterparts is of innovative minds (or at least me thinks). I would (from my little information on the bank) assume that Steward Bank upholds innovation as part of their key values. Why I say so? You can check out their incubation pod initiative. The initiative offers entrepreneurs working space; networking and funding opportunities; WiFi; and of course the chance to open bank accounts with their bank among other things.

Anyway, that’s not the story, story is Steward Bank is looking for skilled developers and other digital savvy individuals to collaborate with, more of partnership. The geeks (developers and such) can either be individuals or a team… of freelancers. Interested candidates need to possess skill and knowledge in the diverse fields of software engineering, design, coding… We will give you more details later.

The selected freelance individual(s) and/or team get to work with the Steward Bank in-house multi-skilled team. The idea behind this collaboration is to develop exciting (in their own words) and disruptive fin-tech projects for the bank. 

I’m pretty sure it would really be a good opportunity for one to gain some good experience, contacts and even become a part of something bigger than themselves (that always adds the punch and the mystery right?). But anyway, on a more serious note, this is a good opportunity that you shouldn’t let pass you by, worse off considering that the registration process has been made quite easy and fast (probably 2 – 3 mins to complete). So there’s no excuse really.

In the coming articles we will look more closely at this initiative and of course talk about the money side of things too

If interested, you can sign up here and be a part of the initiative!




  1. im the fasted !!!

    check your headline: “….one of the fasted growing banks…” & fix it.

    1. mukomana

      Asi uri headmaster

      1. Sagitarr

        If the word fasted was spelt farted – a whole new offensive meaning would be implied. Spelling correction is a positive attribute, we have tools called spell-checkers and hey, this is a tech website where it is expected to strive for excellence not cheap retrogressive comments.

  2. Daniel

    i think techzim tries to play to the gallery ,more so where the finance is..steward bank is way worse ,it falls short of being at par with agribank.
    this bank is on amass banking exercise to cover costs and their tools are there to aide their marketing efforts but not delivery of service.

    internet banking is the worst you can find ,after registering for it for my company it took 1 week to be confirmed when confirmed none of the details worked,
    banking service ,when you bank with this bank you either have to be a pastor ,for a transfer will get lost in their system ,all my transfers to this bank have taken 2 weeks at most ,with bringing of reference after reference..the last which made me close my account was a transfer to our corporate account which was i was advised had been mistakenly converted into an isave account ,as it had inssufficent funds despite the fact i had sufficent funds and had applied for a corporate card .this bank is junk of junk banks.all i got was bring ref from sending bank ,after than nothing from the 19th of september to 21 october ,i made a decision to have the funds returned to the sending bank if found as they continually told me the funds where not being located ,when they found the funds ,it took a week to resend the funds back to my CBZ account.
    the reason they took a week ,they said they had to manually send back my money as the system for some reason was not working .this bank is a bunch of crap,sometime in 2016 they took the same period to send money ,only for them to advise me the account on stop order is incorrect ,an account they had been sending to for the past 3 years,but God is in heaven ,i closed that account and found peace in my banking services ,kwete zvema kidengekidenge nonsense

    former corporate clienct

    1. Reggie

      @Daniel, I should have read your post in April 2017 before I opened a Diaspora account with Steward Bank. I cannot add more from what you have mentioned above but that Steward Bank is RUBBISH. Fortunately I had not closed my other bank account with another bank so my transactions will be made in the other bank. Steward Bank is RUBBISH. I am starting a campaign on facebook advising peps not to use this bank!

  3. Mambo

    @Daniel, for me Steward has been very good. Almost all money transfered into my account regardless of were it is coming from, as long as its done before cut off i have received it the same day. However i have had transfer issues with some of the Big banks. Maybe you were just unlucky.

  4. AIoverlord

    the problem with many bussinesses/organizations is that they only launch programmes in Harere

  5. Observer too

    What Daniel said is the exact of what is happening to most people (me included). The service ranging from the live chat and isave platforms just suck. Mambondiani needs to pull up his socks and crack whip.

  6. Owen

    It seems that the ID Field on the form was designed for the South African ID because the Zimbabwe ID also uses letters and hyphens. This online form only allows numbers

    1. Sagitarr

      Most likely a UI design problem – very easy to allow free form input (alpha & numeric) or even in-built format where hyphen is implicit. Trouble is way too many people can “cut code” but too few have design & analysis skills.