You Heard About The Kwesé Video Bundles? Here Is How You Can Try Them Out

Leonard Sengere Avatar
Kwesé TV remote

Econet recently launched Kwesé video bundles as the pay-TV fight heats up.

By now we are aware what ‘bundle’ means. These bundles are similar to the WhatsApp and Facebook bundles we are used to except that they give access to Kwesé. Bundling is important because the data prices in this country are ridiculous and so we need these discounted bundles. That way the data you buy will not be used up by some other mischievous app. 

Similar to the WhatsApp bundles you get to choose between the daily, weekly and monthly bundles.

The daily bundle costs $2, gives you 2gb to access Kwesé and is valid for 24 hours.

The weekly bundle costs $10, gives you 10gb to access Kwesé and is valid for 7 days.

The monthly bundle costs $35, gives you 35gb to access Kwesé and is valid for 30 days.

To purchase the bundles you have to be an Econet prepaid customer. Let’s look at the step by step process of purchasing a daily bundle:

  • Dial *143#
  • Select Option 1. Data Bundles
  • Select Option 1. Daily Bundles
  • Select Option 7. $2-2GB Kwese
  • Select Option 1. Buy for Self (If purchasing for yourself)
  • Choose your preferred payment method, between airtime and EcoCash.

And that’s it, you have just purchased your Kwesé video bundles. The process is similar if you are buying the weekly or monthly bundles.

Things to note before you purchase your bundles

You will need the Kwesé TV app installed on your phone. It is available for Android and iOS. For you to get the best streaming experience you will want to use a 4G capable handset, 3G may work too. 

The bundle lifespan start at day of first use and not purchase and the bundle is credited to the mobile number and not phone. This means you an change handsets and still enjoy the service.

We will be sharing our own experience with the bundles and if you have tried the bundles do let us know what your experience has been.


  1. Nigel Rodgers

    If they can do Zol bundles and throw in netflix subscriptions like in SA with the Kwese Play box then they win!

  2. Trust Manuel

    Im going for kwese becoz kwese yangove kwese kwese. Im not a slave of football after all

  3. pokello

    I bought the Kwese bundles yesterday. I have the the app installed in my phone. but to my surprise for every kwese channel I tried to play I got this “unfortunately this channel is not available in your country”. the bundle ended up expiring without watching anything. nxaaa

  4. Vusumuzi Moyo

    Do u hav to b a subscriber to use tge mobile kwese app