Big WhatsApp Scam Hits The UK, Lookout For Local Copycats

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We will not tire talking about security until these kinds of online scams no longer get any takers. Especially when it invloves WhatsApp which is popular in Zimbabwe.

In the UK fraudsters have been sending out fake vouchers as if from huge retailers, Marks & Spencer, Tesco and Asda on WhatsApp.

The messages look like they are from an actual contact and are meant to trick you into clicking on a provided link.

Here is an example of the WhatsApp messages being sent out,

Hello, ASDA is giving away £250 Free Voucher to celebrate 68th anniversary, go here to get it (here they insert the link to their bogus site) Enjoy and thanks me later !.

If one clicks on the link in an effort to claim the voucher they are taken to a fake website, obviously, where they will try to trick you into giving out your personal information.

You might be sitting there thinking, I would be safe because I do not type out my financial details online but you would not be as safe as you think. Of course you need to be extra careful when a site requests your personal or financial information.

The only problem is that once you visit that fake site they can install cookies on your device with which they can track you. They can also add browser extensions that can be used to show you advertisements.

How do you stay safe?

The first rule of the internet is, ‘be very skeptical of everything.’ Your first thought when presented with information on the internet should be that it’s fake. This is especially true when it’s too good to be true.

The other golden rule is, ‘do not just casually click on links.’ It doesn’t matter that the link was shared to you by a friend. Here in Zimbabwe this casual link clicking is a problem.

We covered much of what you need to do to stay safe online in another article when we discussed the fake CBZ emails that were being sent out. Go and read that article here for more information on how to protect yourself.



  1. George Robertson

    Google it. example ‘ASDA 68 birthday ‘ Why would any company give away a voucher for such an odd birthday??????

    1. Anonymous

      Some companies give free laptops vouchers etc… and free broadband tv for 12 months to gain more customers an then tie them into contracts e.g. black friday 24th november will be like free samsung S8 apple x on 24month contract with 100GB unlimited calls and sms small print is £50 per month for 24months so no upfront costs but expensive over 24months

  2. Anonymous

    it never took me to a website even if were to it cant steal my banking details as it would have to ask for passwords that only i use. heres the link check it out. Hello, ASDA is giving away £250 Free Voucher to celebrate 68th anniversary, go here to get it: http://www.asđ Enjoy and thanks me later !.

    1. des

      This attack takes advantage of Punycode, where the perp uses a browser feature (for non-English language characters) to create a URIs that looks/displays as normal but is totally different. Check it out, go to and convert from “xn--asa-wqa” to text or “xn--80ak6aa92e” to text (without the quotes). Add a .com domain and boom, a healthy serving of clever deception!

  3. Anonymous

    * URGENT Toyota offers free cars model 2018 on the occasion of the 99th anniversary of its establishment get yours now >>>>

  4. Glen


  5. Shaun