Informant Acie Lumumba’s Facebook Page Vanishes, Why?

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Acie Lumumba

Acie Lumumba is that former ZANU PF member who became infamous after he insulted the president when he launched his own party, Viva Zimbabwe.

Since then Lumumba has been very vocal in the political scene and especially so in this whole not-coup-coup. He has been giving various updates especially through his Facebook page. He has been spot on on a number of posts, including being one of, if not the first to talk about the solidarity march. His Facebook page was one of those to follow to stay up to date as it provided reliable information. Now it’s gone.

What happened? Could it be that he was suspended by Facebook for violating its terms and conditions? That seems unlikely though. Or maybe he just decided to delete his own page voluntarily and focus his efforts elsewhere. He still is on Twitter.

Seeing as he was giving accurate information, maybe some who did not want that information shared hacked his account or at least gained access to it by other means and deleted it. Or he could have been asked to delete it and was given no choice in the matter.

This is the second time in less than 24 hours that a vocal politicians has vanished from the internet or at least deleted their posts. Jonathan Moyo who had been silent since the military takeover and had last tweeted on the 14th of November tweeted yesterday evening but the tweet was deleted within a few minutes of being posted.

In both cases you wonder if the deletions were voluntary. In Jonathan’s case why would he tweet only to delete within minutes. In Lumumba’s case why would he delete his Facebook account if not convinced¬†to do so. We are at a delicate time in this country and information has to be managed and one certainly sees the case for reasoning with those jumping the gun with information. That’s not to say that’s what happened.

Okay, all the above are speculations and we have been trying to contact Lumumba to find out what happened to his Facebook account. As soon as we manage to talk to him we will update this article with what actually happened.

You can still stay up to date with other reliable twitter accounts listed here.


  1. Anonymous

    Wasn’t the problem with Acie that he was right some of the time, but also spread a lot of disinformation? The man is an attention seeker.

    1. Mshoza

      Acie like him or hate him is speaking honestly for our young in Zim.

  2. Anonymous

    Call him and find out

    1. Me

      He isn’t responding. Even on WhatsApp. Would just like to know he is alive

  3. Rati

    Below is a post from his Twitter account:

    Dear Friends, I am taking some time off social media to listen to my thoughts as I realize the next few weeks are defining for our country. To lead well you must always take time to apply thought. Mugabe must NOT be negotiated with, HE MUST GO!

  4. Mshoza

    Anything is possible in Zim

  5. fakeMumba

    He is quiet because he is in meetings with ED about his role in this new notGovernment. So he had to step away to help map a strategy. I think finally they decided to use him instead of letting him waste his nonTalents talking on FB.

    1. Me

      Informant or info disseminator…

  6. Taps

    He is fully back in Zanu pf now. What a snake