A local firm invents a ‘self-charging’ battery. Could this be the future for Zimbabwe?

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We bumped into something interesting on LinkedIn. You know Cybercard Enterprise Solutions (CyberBiz) right? If not then you should know its CEO at least. We last wrote about it in 2015 though, right about the time when ZIMURA had partnered Econet and had brought them (Cybercard) and Logical Systems on board to try and curb music piracy…well, that didn’t go so well seeing the problem still exists.

Anyway, that’s not the issue we’re on today. David Chifunyise, the CEO of Cybercard Enterprise Solutions (now you know) announced on his LinkedIn how their company had created a ‘self charging’ battery that uses the natural moisture surrounding it to produce power – talk about renewable energy!

It was not the only development he announced but definitely his most important one. Below is the announcement in his own words

I’m really excited by the recent research discoveries made by our R&D department. We have recently been studying Renewable Energy and the cheap creation of Hydrogen from water for our Internal Combustion Engines. We now have this technology working powering our generators using Hydrogen – This we feel will go a long way in creating Mini-Grids for Africa – which is our main target market.

That’s not the most exciting development though, during the Hydrogen research we created a new Compound that we found could split water in the latent moisture at room temperature and this was generating electricity in the process. We have now taken that technology further and have created a self charging battery that uses nothing but the moisture in the environment to produce power. Simply Exciting !. We have found the batteries highly efficient and you can increase Voltage by stacking units and increase Amperage by increasing the surface area. Our Power Banks shall be our first product but we will be moving into commercial power generation for companies and for communities after our first round of funding.

Our next step as we further our research is to incorporate Graphene into the batteries to dramatically increase how much power our cells can output without drastically increasing the battery size – This should allow us to create Self-Charging batteries for Electric Vehicles which is a world changer for the viability of the electric vehicle market. We look forward to a day where Zimbabwe becomes the leader in supplying EV Batteries.

It’s quite exciting to see such developments considering how ZESA has been struggling to power the nation, I’m sure you’re also witnessing the power cuts too. I know it’s probably a stretch to then think that this new technology can replace thermal power etc in the country in the short run. But if there’s anything I learnt from the whole former president-step-down, it’s that a week is a looong time and if this happened within one, then anything can happen within one.

It is even much more exciting that this development comes during a time when we are restructuring or having new governance altogether. I know the last one wasn’t too supportive of alternative forms of energy, I mean had it been we’d be somewhere with solar; even worse considering how vast the resource is within the country.

Most importantly, I hope that this technology can successfully be scaled up for commercial use, after all that’s what matters right? It’s not enough to have just one or two things leveraging on this type of energy, in fact it’s not even worth talking about when so.

For now Techzim is reporting based on this post, we intend to go and witness the technology ourselves; sure from there we can give you better insight of the technology and the company’s plans going forward. However, on the post, David called on for those interested in investing to make contact via email:  ceo@cyberbiz.org or call on +263773000880.


  1. Rodgers

    Sounds too good to be true. However Chipfunyise should be trust worthy

  2. Van Lee Chigwada

    Do your homework please. Inventing and producing are two very different terms. This was done back in 2015 and these batteries exist in several different forms. And not done by us, but by other countries.

    It’s nice how you mention copyright and music in your article, because you just exposed a Patent breach on the part of David Chifunyise and Co.

  3. Realistic

    Honest Critism…. I know it’s a blog but please at least fact check… This is a dream… Won’t do the homework for you

  4. MacdChip

    “It’s quite exciting to see such developments considering how…”

    Are you genuinely excited or naive?

    After all the fake inventions which have been advertised here before, you are trying another one again now seriously!!

  5. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    The capitalisation of words in the source article reminds me very much of spam. 😐 I think he should approach Saith Systems, they can Partner to form the next Energy Super Company in the World.

  6. wim

    Mmmmm I’m pretty dubious about this one…

    First of all, there are no patents, no studies (peer-reviewed or otherwise), and no evidence. It’s just a poorly-written, badly-punctuated statement full of unbelievable assertions followed by a cry for investment. I say: “investor beware!!!”

    Then there is also the direct contradiction between “a self charging battery that uses nothing but the moisture in the environment to produce power” and the assertion that this supposedly free source of energy relies on “a new Compound” created by Chifunyise… Which is it? Free energy, or energy produced through a chemical reaction with a new compound?

    TechZim is an AMAZING publication. I can’t see how this article slipped through…

  7. Sagitarr

    TechZim – please give us scientifically well-researched articles. We’ve read other articles where “discoveries” and “inventions” were mentioned and the purveyors slipped into oblivion. Saith & Mukumbutso is a case in point.

    It will be interesting to learn more about this “new” compound.mentioned here. I must say, this puts CES in the same league as Tesla who are at exactly the same stage with EV research!!

    Did a bit of digging for those keen on current research into what this article is all about…

  8. iTariro

    For what you’re covering, this article is very shallow, you need indepth analysis and deter from writing opinion pieces based on heresay and speculation, let’s have some scientific backing, some research on your part, some diagrams, videos of the demo technology, we all know David Chifunyise did not “invent” or discover this mythical “compound” so you can easily dig around for what this technology really is. For a curious mind, many questions follow when you toss around words like “invented”, what patents do they have? what does it entail, have you actually seen this in action? My suggestion, if it’s local and you don’t have facts, don’t report it, it just might end up being fake news or just speculation.