[Video] NetOne switches to Mpesa platform to resurrect their mobile money platform OneMoney

Edwin Chabuka Avatar

OneMoney is running on the biggest mobile money platform Mpesa in a bid to redeem themselves from the misfire of OneWallet.



  1. Ashley

    Registered but login is refusing….help!

  2. Anonymous

    what are the charges of swipe to ecocash

  3. musa

    as an ecobank customer, this is good for me because ecobank
    1. refused to integrate with ecocash
    2. can only receive from zipit but does not “zipit” into other accounts.

    so to me this article was written by a hater! hahaha

  4. Dee

    Y not use zipit instead? Tht move is th worst ever,

  5. Learny

    Good investment in our country by our son of soil. Kindly may you add american wrestling WWE,