See the status of banks on ZIPIT, send and receive status, USSD codes and more

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Let us start with an assumption that we all are familiar with ZIPIT now, the interbank transfer processor. With the ongoing cash crisis Zimbabwe is facing ZIPIT has grown in importance. The interbank processor connects 20 banks and allows any mobile registered user on any network to send money from their bank account to another bank account for example.

For the platform to reach the heights it has reached, where they are processing over 14 million transactions per month the key was inter-operability. Finance institutions, mobile network operators and other third party payment solutions had to come on board. We might know that EcoCash is not on ZIPIT and indications are that they do not intend to join anytime soon or at all.

Some banks were late to the party too, Standard Chartered and Barclays only joining this year and offering partial functionality as we shall see. BancABC is still to join the revolution.

For the 20 banks on ZIPIT here is what they allow you to do, oh and we’ve thrown in their respective USSD codes for good measure.

BARCLAYS*229#NoYes9Last 2 digits of branch code + Acc No.
FBC BANK*220#YesYes16Branch code 3 digits
FBC BUILDING SOCIETYYesYes16Branch code 3 digits
MET BANK*234#YesYes16No
NMB*240#YesYes13Precede with zeros
ONE WALLET*111#YesYes12No
POSB*223# (Econet)
*222# (Telecel, Netone)
TELECASH*888#YesYes10 (eg 0733000000)
12 (eg 263733000000)
ZB BANK*400*600#YesYes13First 4 digits of branch code

The information was obtained from ZIPIT and you will notice some information is missing. That will be updated when that information is received.

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  1. Tonderai

    Update: FBC no longer requires the 3-digit branch code.

    1. Ndini Shumba

      When I tried FBC without the branch code it failed.

  2. Engineer

    That ka bank called BancABC is the most useless ever in Zim. Okay, fair enough, they had been quite generous with a limit of $2000/day to make online Visa payments using RTGS till August this year – which made me quite loyal to them..but well events of the last weeks are quite miserable. Their bank card system is almost ALWAYS down, at every swipe point they now know the infamous black BancABC card which ALWAYS give errors!!. And let alone they don’t have ZIPIT..In this day and age?? Where the hell did they lose it..

  3. NeHanda

    Barclays sucks guys. In this time and age, they have no Ecocash Integration and now they dont have ZIPIT Integration to SEND via ZIPIT

  4. Darknet

    Just to add
    1. MFS code is *212#
    2. Standard Chartered now receives ZIPIT starting Tuesday this week. I sent successfully yesterday and today.
    3. For NMB you precede with four (4) zeroes. Their normal account numbers have 9 digits so you add 4 zeroes to make them 13.

    1. ncube

      am trying to send whats with the fone number thing?

  5. Cheated

    Barclays no integration at all…. It’s like sinking your money in a hole… It’s just takes without giving…. Only way is to move money via rtgs that’s takes long and $5…. Can you believe they charge for inbound rtgs to me a client even though the sender had paid all charges… Check your statements…. Would not recommend this bank to anyone and I’ve been with them for 6 yrs… Have not been happy with for 3yrs

  6. NZ

    Update for Agribank…..the account numbers have 12 digits not 17

  7. Tsitsi

    Transaction failed:the reason is function not supported.
    Just tried to zipit it to a Barclays Bank account from my Agri bank account.i followed the instructions and put the last 2 digits of the branch code plus account number.

  8. Simba

    For Barclays it is actually the full branch code (4 digits) required as a prefix, making it a total of 11. I tried it with 2 and it didn’t work, then phoned Barclays, they said 4, tried it with 4 and then it worked.